Day 001: Dots



Fruits displayed on the New Year’s dinner table.

2009.01.01 : First of all, Happy New year! Today’s the first day of the year 2009. First photoblog even. It has always been a family tradition to wear circles, decorate circles and even eat circles on new year as the chinese would say it would bring Goodluck. So on our family dinner table, random circle shaped foods are displayed, including my favorite, Grapes. yumyum! I’ve been munching on these for the whole day, so I hope I’ll have a very good year ahead of me.

2 Responses to “Day 001: Dots”

  1. 1 Gersi

    Happy New Year Kee!
    Goodluck on your 365 project! :)

    * ayan umeenglish na din tuloy ako! haha

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