Day 006: Poser



Just me.

2009.01.06 : I got this photo from Maya’s multiply. It’s a photo of me posing on top of a bldg in Mandaluyong.Tried processing it a bit. Taken the same day we shoot at the helipad. I know I know, I’m a photographer not a model. I just tried it, ok? :P Thanks to rage btw for taking this photo of me.

4 Responses to “Day 006: Poser”

  1. oohh you look good! I’m gonna link you to my blog!

    • 2 pixelgraffiti

      thanks sher! i’m gonna link you up too is that ok? just as soon as I get to figure out how to add links on the sidebar! lol. Im really new in this wordpress thingy!:D

  2. 3 Gersi

    Yesss Kee! Super all-around! :)

    • 4 pixelgraffiti

      haha tnry ko lang! (i just tried it) lol.

      x.s. kelangan may translation. hahahha!

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