Day 011: Goal Setting – Check!


My 2008 and 2009, Belle de Jour Planners that I truly love.

2009.01.11 : Just around 630pm today, I finished my goal setting for year twenty -o- nine. yes, I should have completed it before 2009 starts, but been busy, with.. hmm hella lot! =P Goal Setting for 2009 is my version of everyone’s New year’s resolution. I’m really excited since I’ve been following this goal setting plan i found on the net. It comes with its own excel sheet to write down your own goals, things to do, target date to end, etc… lol. yes, I’m kinda geek in a way. But I guess it will work for me since I consider myself somehow an O.C.

On my goal list includes “to improve my writing skills” , that’s why today, i signed up for my own wordpress account, a photoblog, to still continue my passion for photography while learning to write efficiently. Because honestly, ever since I’ve been writing codes at work, I think my paragraph creative writing skills are already similar to VB scripts.

so au revoir 2008, bonjour 2009!

5 Responses to “Day 011: Goal Setting – Check!”

  1. Buti ka pa sis! Good job!
    Me likey ang blog mo. Keep it up.

  2. Of course :)

  3. hehehe…ate karen….penge naman nung copy nung goal setting churva mo…hehehe…gusto ko rin nun….di pa ako tapos sa goal setting ko…di ko lam kung anong ilalagay sa things to learn….wahaha

  4. 5 karen anne

    @xy, as requested. this is where I got my goal setting plan×5/how-to-conduct-your-own-annual-review/ .

    may template diyan for your goal setting needs. yan din ginamit namin for CG goal setting meeting.

    Hope that helps. goodluck!

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