Day 012: 1st Published Photo


My first photo published in a local photography magazine.

2009.01.12 : Just before the day ends , as I was working late at the office, a photography friend from Team Renegade texted me saying “Congrats, sign  my DPP (Digital Photographer Philippines) mag ok?” . To be honest, my heart jumped for a while. Said to myself, “could it be possible?”  Then I texted him back “Huh? why?”. He then replied, “sus. your Intramuros pic got published”. Then I realized , it maybe real,  I actually wanted to jump for joy but I was all alone at the office. The office guard my think I’ve gone crazy. lol.

Funny how a colleague asked me a while ago, “Do you already have something to blog?” I then replied “Not yet.” with a sad face. I then asked myself  “Will I be able to blog something interesting today? The day’s about to end, and I don’t think something extra ordinary about my life would probably be happening in a couple of hours or so” . Guess my instincts not that accurate, God really works in wonders. Several hours later, I then received a news that would soon be a blog worthy topic.

A few months back, sometime in October, I’ve joined a group of photographers on a cityshoot that would focus on the shooting the streets of Manila. After a 2 day shoot,  we were then asked to submit 5 best photos that we took for the DPP mag. Not expecting if my photo would be published, I then proceeded to choosing my top 5, post processed a bit then sent it through e-mail.  November , December.. no news on what photos had been chosen for the mag. Then came January, after almost more than 2 months of anticipating and after my first win in a photography contest, now comes another milestone of my photography life. My first photo to grace a local photography magazine.

So for  my to do list for tomorrow: 1. Grab a copy of the mag 2. Write my thank you’s for this feature.

Some details about the photo:

  • I entitled this photo “Emulate”.
  • Taken inside the historical walls of Intramuros, Manila.
  • Taken with my trusty Lumiere, a Nikon D40 + 18-55 lens.

6 Responses to “Day 012: 1st Published Photo”

  1. 1 mac

    pano ba yan? italliani’s… here we come!!!

    congrats dude!

    • 2 pixelgraffiti

      hahha! Thanks mac, yes as promised. italianis nga ba un? kala ko UCC?

  2. 3 Gersi

    Yahoo! Congratulations! You’re on your way to stardom! :)

    Btw, your shot’s cool! I love the reflection on the puddle of water… Super pro! :D

    • 4 pixelgraffiti

      hahah thanks gersi :D

      ” You’re on your way to stardom!” – I feel like a superstar! ahahha

  3. 5 em0rej

    ahhhh, sya pala si Lumiere, kala ko kung sino, hahaha

  4. 6 karen anne

    @jerome, yup lumiere ang name ng camera ko. just like “Maria ____” may karapatan din sya magkapangalan. lol.

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