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  Life is like a “Ferris” wheel, its either you’re at the top or down at the bottom. 2009.01.17 : Enchanted Kingdom revisited. Yesterday, I was with my officemates at this theme park in which I wasn’t able to visit for years. If I remember correctly, the last was some time in college years. But now, this time I was […]

Our Bedtime Stories movie ticket. Since I’m running out of topics to write about, so here’s another review. This time a movie review. Bed Time Stories staring Adam Sandler. Another first, so i’ll keep this short and simple ok?  The movie in my opinion is a good family movie. It has a continuous funny acts […]

Burgoo’s Steak Fajitas Combo 01.15.2009 : So here I am catching up my 4 days late “Photo-a-day”project. Hm-mm… so where do I start? A Food Review? Know what, I’ve always wanted to be a food critic because of my love for food and cooking. Ok so why not give it a try? My First time […]