Day 015: An amateur’s food review


Burgoo’s Steak Fajitas Combo

01.15.2009 : So here I am catching up my 4 days late “Photo-a-day”project. Hm-mm… so where do I start? A Food Review? Know what, I’ve always wanted to be a food critic because of my love for food and cooking. Ok so why not give it a try? My First time to write one so pardon my amateur approach.

As I’ve said on my last post, me with Nean went for a good food/dinner date at Burgoo, SM MOA. It’s our second time here so I might as well write reviews of food I’ve tried so far.

Ambiance: Place has a cozy feel. It has yellowish lights and comfy couches good for families. They also use huge paper table mats that customers can write into while waiting for their food to be served (which one thing I like about the restau. Takes off the attention of waiting for the food) and btw, they provide crayons.


Seafood Linguine: Taste’s good. Nothing extra ordinary though.  Of course,it tastes tomato-ey.For those who like their food salty, you may want to add some salt to it. Talking from someone who knows how to cook pastas, You’ll probably think that you can cook the same seafood linguine with the same taste. Oh Btw, they said this is their Best Seller from their pasta selection. So maybe judge for yourself? Oh for added bonus, here’s a photo of the seafood linguine. Good for 1-2 persons.

Chicken and Steak Fajitas: I love their fajitas! Maye because I like mexican food. Ok, enough with the bias. But really, this tastes good. The chicken and steak complimented well with the sourcream , salsa and cheese. Enough said. Good for 2-3 persons.

Seafood Jambalaya: Just like our own paella (or maybe not ours but a spanish cuisine). This  one is a concoction of seafood with rice. Can’t compare it to anyother jambalaya ‘coz I haven’t eaten anyother jambalaya aside from burgoo’s.But you’ll probably crave for it for those “I need my comfort food” moments. (Just like nean :P) Good for 2 persons.

Nawlin’s classic Platter: If my memory serves me correctly , this was the dish that has sausage, cajun chicken, shrimps sauteed in bellpeppers and mushroom over rice pilaf and salsa. Dish was served in a sizzling round platter . almost cooked the same as the fajitas filling except its served with rice pilaf. Good for 2-3 persons.

Chicken Tenders: Well cooked. soft on the inside, just like its name, tender. nothing special though. Good for 1-2 persons.

Price: 350-500 Php Per person.

Good Deals:  The 1st time we went here , we were just passing through Burgoo and the door attendant gave us a promo card that allows us to have a free Chicken tenders for a minimum purchase of 250php Or Free Shrimp Arrabiata for an order of 2 main entrees with the same of higher price.

 The 2nd time we went there, we were give the same promo card which was then given to us after we paid our bill, so I’m guessing they wanted us to come back? =P

Overall: 3 stars over 5. We’ll probably come back. Probably because of the ambiance which is perfect for dates and intimate dinners. Its a family venue too because of the paper table mats. And maybe on our next visit ,we’ll try other dishes again! And maybe use the promo card they gave us for another free entree.

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