Archive for January 24th, 2009

Parking Lot in Intramuros, Manila 2009.01.22 : APE = Annual Physical Examination at the office today. I’m not sick but I feel sick. Not in the mood. Still terrified. I’m out of concentration. Help me! Bring me back to my old life! On the other note, Figures: I weigh 46.5 lbs from the APE result. […]

Day 021: Empty


What could he be thinking? I hope he’s not as empty as me. 2009.01.21 : Undergoing an emotional breakdown. I feel tired of thinking about things. I’m tired, sick and empty. When will this end?

Day 020: Still


Ouch! I wonder how does it feel without the clothing protection. Hm-mn.. 2009.01.20 : Still not in the mood. Bring me back to my own self. Help! I was told, Once you’re bitten by a dog, keep still. Cause the more you fight against him, the more he will bite you. Now I wonder, if this […]

Day 019: Space


One of  the two  photos I was able to process today. EK Space Shuttle. 2009.01.19 : I tried post processing some EK photos today. But I don’t have any inspiration and not in the mood to do so. Oh well, I only managed to process 2 photos. :( Maybe my inspiration’s  out there in space? Fill me […]

Day 018: Start


A  handicapped man in front of the Binondo Church. I wonder what was he thinking? 2009.01.18 : First of all , I’m not in the mood to say anything. I’m starting to worry about things. Gahhh! Help!