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  It’s the time of the year again. Time to repent and reflect. Taken from the Death March Monument. Capas, Tarlac. 2008.02.25 : Today marks the start of the Lenten Season for this year.  Have you attended the ash Wednesday mass?Have you had your forehead marked?  It’s the season again to repent, reflect and for […]

Day 054: luck?


Mt. Pinatubo crater, the majestic volcano.  Destructive in the past, now truly is one of God’s wonderful creation. 2008.02.24 : At long last,I was able to finish post processing photos I’ve got from the majestic volcano. My Pinatubo trip was a blast! See more photos here  or at my flickr  So much about the Pinatubo trip, […]

Mt. Pinatubo from afar.  The view while riding the 4×4 ride. 2008.02.22 : I’ve got nothing much to say, except for the sun-kissed skin and body aches that I got from the trekking to Mt. Pinatubo. But aside from that , the trip was worth it. I did enjoyed it with new friends and delish sisig […]

Day 051: Preps


Loboc River Cruise. Known tourist spot in Bohol for its floating restaurants where tourist can eat local foods while cruising the river and being serenaded by the locals. 2009.02.20 : I’m off to another tourist spot tomorrow. I’m hiking Pinatubo! I’m excited. I hope God bless us with a good weather. I’m starting to pack […]

Day 049: Mad


Road to nowhere? This leads to Bohol’s chocolate hills. I was lucky enough only few cars pass by this road. and btw, as you pass by this road, you’ll also notice a forest which is man made. Mahogany tree’s planted by the soldiers and students back from the Japanese era. 2009.02.18 : Me and SO […]

Starfish and the sea, taken from the shores of Bohol. 2009.02.17 : So I started post processing my Bohol photos just today. Atlast I was able to go back to what I usually spend my time with. and that is Post processing .Ever since we had release the LATA site and LABO trip, I’ve been […]

Design I made for the tarp that will be used for our saturday’s trip to Pinatubo 2009.02.16 : as usual its Monday once again. Another lazy day at the office. heck. even a lazy day for me to blog. As soon as I arrived home, i rushed to finish the tarpaulin design for our trip to Pinatubo this […]

I.D. layout I made for LATA‘s LABO Trip 2009.02.15 : Still sick. Got another rose on my post valentine. This time its from our dear brothers from church community I belong to.  They actually surprised us with some flowers , thank you speeches, and a serenade. How sweet is that? I even got some chocolates […]

Day 045: Hearts


From my valentine. 2009.02.14: Happy Hearts day everyone! This greeting might already be late for some (those who live in my place, PH). But for others, Valentines Day might just be starting. So let me greet you still! So how’s your valentines so far? Mine’s not the usual. Accompanied two good friends to buy their […]

A smiling tarsier from Bohol. Such a cutie! 2009. 02. 10 : On my way home today, I was able to realized that I am fully blessed with God’s grace. Not that I’m not aware of, but it made me realize even more that God had given me more than I could ask. That I […]