Day 041: Smile because you’re blessed


A smiling tarsier from Bohol. Such a cutie!

2009. 02. 10 : On my way home today, I was able to realized that I am fully blessed with God’s grace. Not that I’m not aware of, but it made me realize even more that God had given me more than I could ask. That I was lucky enough to see , feel and experience his wonderful creations.

As I rode a jeepney on my way home, I saw a blind man with a stick walking alone. He was finding his way to ride a jeepney. He then rode the jeepney I was into. I was awed to see him alone, taking risks and trusting the people / cars that pass by him. How could this man travel alone? Does he gets scared? How does he cross the street? and as I read the shirt he’s wearing, I then figured out that he works as a masseur. Wow! i said to myself.   It’s funny how we often  hated work because its hard, but we never realize how harder it is for other people. Now I feel more blessed, because I know God gave me complete senses to work as a normal person, to act as a normal person, to see the beauty that he made. Maybe I should love my job even more. or better yet, love my life to the fullest.

4 Responses to “Day 041: Smile because you’re blessed”

  1. I know what you mean about being thankful for everything. I mean, even though we come across many problems theres so many people who would trade places with us in a second! cute pic!

    • 2 karen anne

      thanks sher, i’m glad someone feels the same way as i do. Happy Valentines deary!

  2. wahaha kamukha ni pat ko. onga pala sabi sa news last night hindi na daw pwede picturan or bisitahin ng mga tourist ang mga tarsier sa bohol kasi nase-stress na daw yung mga cute na cute na tarsier. nagkakasakit na sila :( sayang gusto ko pa naman makakita! mutant na tarsier yung nandito saken eh

    • 4 karen anne

      jessjess!!! aww talaga? grabe ang swerte ko pla at nakita ko pa sila. though bawal sila hawakan:( oo nga nung nakita ko sila they looked stressed. pano ba nman dami kasi nagpapapicture sa kanila. and ung habitat nila parang di sila fit doon. parang garden lang sa bahay. they belong to the wilds, dapat ibalik na sila doon. para sayo, pakapitin mo nalang si pat sa puno! hahaha pede nadn yan !:P dancing tarsier! pis pat!

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