Day 045: Hearts


From my valentine.

2009.02.14: Happy Hearts day everyone! This greeting might already be late for some (those who live in my place, PH). But for others, Valentines Day might just be starting. So let me greet you still!

So how’s your valentines so far? Mine’s not the usual. Accompanied two good friends to buy their new toys. DSLRs! We bought 2 d60s and haggled our way to Mang ramon (a notorious DSLR dealer).Good thing my charm worked, he was in a good mood, which was not the usual by the way. Then off to Chinatown for some foodie. Yum! Teached them also with how to assemble their new DSLR and some basics. Then head of to Divisoria for some i.d. lace for LATA’s trip on saturday! Yipee. After which, I felt sick. Maybe because I got wet because of the drizzle on my way to Divi. But its all good, headed to nean’s after for peache’s b-day! Then my valentine, gave me these flowers. Sweet. Never expected this cause we never really celebrate valentines. Maybe coz we we’re trying to avoid traffic and we we’re not really the cheesy type of person. Well maybe its just us. So hope you all get to have a happy valentines!

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  1. Happy late vday!!

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