Day 048: Back to regular programming


Starfish and the sea, taken from the shores of Bohol.

2009.02.17 : So I started post processing my Bohol photos just today. Atlast I was able to go back to what I usually spend my time with. and that is Post processing .Ever since we had release the LATA site and LABO trip, I’ve been very busy creating promotional materials and design stuff that would be needed for the trip. At long last, I was able to complete all the design stuff needed yesterday, that’s why today, I was able to go through my Bohol photos! Yipee. sadly, I wasn’t able to finish them. Maybe tomorrow/later i’ll be able to go through them again. Tata for now. Need to sleep!


2 Responses to “Day 048: Back to regular programming”

  1. karen nakaka-wow mga photos mo sobrang ganda!!!!! dati ko pa naimagine na magiging magaling kang photographer ;) link me! labshooporeburr

    • 2 karen anne

      hhehe thanks jess jess! haylabshootooo! cge I’ll add you in my blogroll. mwa.!

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