Day 049: Mad


Road to nowhere? This leads to Bohol’s chocolate hills. I was lucky enough only few cars pass by this road. and btw, as you pass by this road, you’ll also notice a forest which is man made. Mahogany tree’s planted by the soldiers and students back from the Japanese era.

2009.02.18 : Me and SO had a huge fight. It was a petty fight that became huge because of me not telling why I am mad and because of him being insensitive at times. He wanted me to tell him why I’m mad. Me being the brat that I am don’t want to tell because I want him to be sensitive enough at times like this. And actually I don’t want to be a nagger type of person. So what he did was, he got even and walked out on me. He went home without saying goodbye.

Just before I go to sleep I was crying like a baby coz it hurts me to know that we’re going through all those misunderstandings. I called him up and said “Sorry”. I was crying like there’s no tomorrow coz I’m hurting and I feel that I shouldn’t be the one to say sorry. I guess neyo’s song Mad fits us perfectly. Or maybe just me.


12 Responses to “Day 049: Mad”

  1. 1 switflipbabe

    well, we had a fight din ni new tatay mo. lolz. nun feb.17 nman. kse i was saying lng nmn na sna ma-manage nia un tym nia for his work ska sa relasyon nmen, e kso aun, kinalabasan eh ndi kme nagkaintindihan.,tpos ako pa pla ang me ksalanan ata sa tingin nia? so until now, di pdin kme nag uusap. he wait for me to start a clean converg. , na ako ang magsorry sa knya, well this tym, i think its enuf na ako un magsorry, kz in d 1stplace, wla ako kasalanan sa knya. at ako lately lge nag rereach out .so i guess, let it be nlng muna n gnito kme, and sna mkpag icip sya ng mbuti. lolz! prang i want sumthin like this ndin. prang gusto ko ndin mag blog hahaha! btw, fav.ko din yan mad song ni ne-yo. tugma din samen yan minsan. labsye nak! mwah!

    • 2 karen anne

      awww nay. that’s sad nagaway dn pla kayo. its just disappointing sometimes ako pa kelangan magsorry kahit d ko kasalanan. Coz I’ve promised myself never to sleep mad with somebody. kahit hndi si nean yan i just want to sleep with a peace of mind. kaya yun, i just swallowed my pride and told him “im sorry”.

      Try blogging too. it helps actually. its like talking to someone where you could say everything you want to say without giving a d@mn what others would say. afterall its your page. =P let me know kung nakagawa ka na! ayt!

  2. 3 switflipbabe

    ill try, inform kita if ever.. mwah!

  3. 4 switflipbabe

    dpat dito din ako gumawa, pra me pix din un avatar ko kpg nagreply ako sau haha. cool :)

    • 5 karen anne

      hahaha pwede =) But i’m planning to move on blogspot. mas madami kasi added features dun eh :P

      but i’ll see pa. kung sipagin ako!hahaha

  4. 6 switflipbabe

    ohh gnun ba, mron ako ngwa dti sa blogspot e, pero di ko nmn na cont. tpos i forgot ndin kng anu un gnamit ko dun haha. na eenganyo n tlaga ako maglabas ng sama ng loob hahaha! pero ok nga dun sa blogspot dmi nga ft. , mkgwa na nga din haha, i make myself more busy, pra ndi ko mxado maicip sya,. kse i feel hurt lng e. teary eyed* :(

  5. 7 switflipbabe

    nak, na retrieved ko na un dting ngawa ko sa blogspot haha! ni link na kta dun, link mo din ako.. isa lng pla post nun last yr pa waahhaha !

  6. *pasingit* ganda ng photo karen! at tama blogging helps :) onga pala, may business proposal daw sayo si pat. sana open ka. usap tayo sa text :D

    • 9 karen anne

      hehehe thanks jessjess! sure ano yun? text mo nalang ako ha? I’ll wait for it. mwa!

  7. Ren! Ganda ng photo! Though I’ve seen lots of your photos, this one took my breath away, pa din! :D Wag na away ni Sexy Love. LOLS. Miss you! bat di ka paramdam sa forums? Busyness?

    • 11 karen anne

      thanks sis! don’t worry sis ganun lang naman kami lagi. puro petty quarrel. hindi ko lang tlaga matanggap na he walked out on me! haha. atleast bati na kami ngayon. :) Yea been busy lately , with the travel photography biz na tinayo nmen ng friends ko. pero don’t worry this week hopefully di na masyado =) Hoping to see you soon!

  8. Hahahaha, ganyan talaga silang mga lalake! :x
    Anyhoo, sige. Forum ka pag di ka busy. See yah soon at goodluck sa business :]

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