Day 054: luck?


Mt. Pinatubo crater, the majestic volcano.  Destructive in the past, now truly is one of God’s wonderful creation.

2008.02.24 : At long last,I was able to finish post processing photos I’ve got from the majestic volcano. My Pinatubo trip was a blast! See more photos here  or at my flickr 

So much about the Pinatubo trip, yesterday got me realize about something (again). That, I gotta love my work even if I don’t want to. :( Don’t get me wrong, I like my work but I’m not seeing it as something that I would do for the rest of my life. =( yes, I admit, sometimes I find my work boring. maybe because I’m really the artsy kind of person and I don’t find my work requiring me to practice my creative juices. However, yesterday it made me realize that I should give importance to it, more than what I’m giving so far.Sometimes i’m guilty of taking it for granted.  Crisis has really got me thinking. A lot of people have been loosing their jobs. and I’m somehow lucky enough to have my work still. I’m hoping for the better. That neither of my friends and family would be affected by it. I’m keeping my fingers crossed . Some say worse it yet to come.  :(

On the lighter note, I won a radio contest yesterday. Free Mossimo GCs. hahaha. No its not the type of radio contest that you have to call the station and hear yourself on air. its just one of those things that you need to post something up on their site. And out of boredom , i did tried my luck. Luck was on my side, so I did won! haha. More info here (look for pixelgraffiti’s post)

4 Responses to “Day 054: luck?”

  1. Wow, congrats! :D

  2. 3 switflipbabe

    wow ang ganda ng view! gudshot nak !

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