Day 056: Have you been marked?



It’s the time of the year again. Time to repent and reflect. Taken from the Death March Monument. Capas, Tarlac.

2008.02.25 : Today marks the start of the Lenten Season for this year.  Have you attended the ash Wednesday mass?Have you had your forehead marked?  It’s the season again to repent, reflect and for someone like me who’s active in church, it is another season of non-stop Lenten church activities.. I’m looking forward for Siete Palabras, Bisita Eglesia and of course Easter Sunday!  I’m also thinking of what to give up this Lent. Maybe sweets? Sweets on fridays? Ohh that’s too much! I think I’ll die! haha. How about, Chocolates on fridays? Hmm. not bad. Being the chocoholic that i am (meaning I eat chocolate almost everyday), I think that would be hard enough. How about you? How far are you willing to sacrifice?

4 Responses to “Day 056: Have you been marked?”

  1. ako din, chocolates. or yosi. or both. hayy ang hirap. haha

    • 2 karen anne

      the harder for us to give it up, the more we know that it comes from the heart =) right? Gudluck on us both! =)

  2. nyahaha :P di ko yata talaga kaya. baka mag-withdrawal symptoms ako pag inalis ko ang chocolate haha. miss you!!!!!

  3. love ko talaga photography mo grabe sobra sobraaa!! cant wait for your next work! see you tomorrow nga pala tehehe! :)

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