Killing time


Writing again straight from the hospital. Seating from the operating room’s waiting area. No, my mom didn’t undergo surgery again. I’m just seating here for 2 reasons 1. My mom asked me to leave her room because she and her friend needs to talk about some personal issues 2. This hospital lacks a lobby for their visitors 3. I’m spending my night here in the hospital

as i seat here in front of the O.R. I then recall the days i spend my time here as i am personally confined or visiting an immediate relative instead. This hospital actuallly had venued the most memorable events of our lives, including the good ones and even the bad.

To name a few:
• My birth
• My siblings birth
• My dad’s confinement due to diabetes
• My mom’s confinement due to infection after giving birth to patrick.
• My hepa attack
• My mom’s confinement due to migraine

I am pesonally grateful that none of these had brought us into a life and death situation. Tho as mentioned on my previous post, i still don’t like the thought of staying here in the hospital, seeing sick people on their hospital beds. Pft.

Update (03/28/2009): mom just got discharged today from the hospital. Thank God she’s feeling better lately.

Oh and btw, i’m posting straight from my 1 week old ipod touch. Hopefully having this would make me update this blogsite more often.


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