At long last, was able to post process and organize photos from the Bohol trip. This was taken on our last day in Bohol.  Dumaluan Beach in an early morning .

Writing on my touch again. Network’s down here at the office so i decided to create a local draft instead then publish it later when i get home.

So what’s been hap’nin? On my side of the world a lot has been happenin. I know i’m pretty much guilty of not updating this blog. Heck, I wasn’t able to follow the photo a day format for my past posts. Very guilty eh? Anyhoo, so that you guys won’t stone me to death, i’ll then give you reasons why I wasn’t updating lately.

1. www.lakbaylitratista.com : have i already mentioned about this on my previous posts? Lately, i’ve been preoccupied answering email queries, designing marketing materials and filing registration forms for the group’s trip. Currently we are on our way on our thrid trip this saturday. so far so good. We’re just hoping for a good weather this saturday since we’re going to the beach. It’s summer eh?

2. Church : college group’s summer camp is a month away. If you all don’t know, i am currently the coordinator of this group that’s why i’m basically in charge of all the major activities lined up. So far all is well, we already have a venue reseved for this located all the way up in Antipolo. Eveyone’s excited including me. I can’t wait for the rope courses lined up!

3. Sharing talents : i’ve been receiving a lot of requests from friends asking me to help them out on their online shops. Dang, my highschool friend asked me to modify their multiply theme for Urban Posh. While jessica, my college friend asked me to take photos of her online garage sale for YourTreasure. btw, if you have time, do visit their respective shops. Who knows, you might like a thing or two.

4. Lazy photographer. Been lazy shooting lately. No drive to even organize or post process some photos to use for this photo a day project. That’s probably one of the main reasons why i am very lazy to update.

5. Playing with my new toy. My ipod touch. I’m still in the stage of exploring the capacity of this new gadget. Lets just say i’m downloading atleast 5 apps a day. And playing with it almost every night.

So now you know what’s keepin me busy lately. Pardon me, will ya?

4 Responses to “Updates”

  1. 1 tara

    Aba’y kaya pala di na sumasagot sa forum ha :P
    Joke. See you soon, sis!

  2. i LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOOVE!!! karennnnn when will u take me there!? haha

    • 4 karen anne

      let’s go there! if you’re going to cebu, go on a side trip to bohol na. sayang eh :)

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