Breaking the jail


Office blogging again. Thanks to my touch, thus allowing me to write my thoughts anytime, anywhere! Oha! That sounds a great catchy ad line.

It’s a few days before another long weekend again. Technically only two working days for this week due to holy week. To be honest, at times like this, i’m too lazy to work. So since i’m already done with my tasks for the day, i’ve decided to surf on directions on how to jailbreak my touch. Got some pretty neat tutorial from and will do try it once i got home. Wish me all the luck eh? I hope jalbreaking runs smoothly. How bout you, have you jailbroken your ipod touch/ phone?

On the side note, i’m fresh from my sun, sea and sand trip from anawangin zambales with my LATA crew and participants. It was a blast and most def worth going back. My first summer escapade for 2009. Hopefully more to come! Will post photos hopefully within the week. Hope you all have a repentful Holy Week!

4 Responses to “Breaking the jail”

  1. 1 tara

    What does it mean pag ijjailbreak? :)

    • 2 karen anne

      its like hacking it so that you can install 3rd party apps that are not released by apple. Having a jailbroken ipodtouch /phone means you can install other apps that are not from apple and even cracked apps. hehehe. =)

  2. it must be really useful no? i wish i had one. :)

    regarding yung comment mo sa blog ko: yup dun ako minsan buy ng Mango clothes. pero di pa ako nakakita ng Zara dun.

    • 4 karen anne

      yup! very! especially when you’re on the road at nangangati ka magblog. heheh. you can type it on the go then just publish it kapag naka-access ka na ng wifi. lalo ngayon lahat ng establishments ata meron an wifi :)

      ohhh. no zara? kala ko meron. gusto ko dn pumunta dun! kaso ang layo:(

      and the nike outlet store in clark!dami daw dunks. hehehe

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