Hectic Weekend


Aldrin the rasta man, taken from Capones Island , Zambales. Aldrin was one of the participants of our recently held “Lakbay Anawangin”. It was his idea to take a shot of him with this kind of pose. I opted for a silhoutte shot to draw attention to his dreadlocks.

It’s been a week since my last update. Honestly, I’ve been thinking of updating almost everyday. However, when I try to write my thoughts, I don’t know where to start. It’s probably due to my lack of central topic when posting. I just write on top of my head, blogging whatever comes right out of my mind.

So where do I start? Ok let’s pick it up from where I ended last week. Jail breaking. So I have successfully jailbroken my ipod touch. YAY! I think I’ve already downloaded more than 10 cracked apps. Those we’re actually paid apps from the Apps Store that I actually got for free! Sounds good isn’t it? To name a few were 1. Crash Bandicot 2. Enigmo 3. Super Monkey Ball 4. Tap Tap dance 5. IExpense Lite. Yes, most of the apps I have downloaded were games. haha. To think that I’m not a even gamer! Well, those games were actually useful especially when I’m out shopping with the bf. I just hand him my ipod touch and let him play Super monkey ball while I’m picking out some dresses! So for those girls who are reading this, you might want to install more games on your touch/iphone so that the next time you’ll go shopping with the bf, you won’t hear a word. But watch out for him, he might bump himself on some mall stands and walls while playing. haha.

How was your Holy Week? Mine’s a bit tiring but definitely memorable. Wednesday night, I was out with my girlfriends for some dessert(s) and drinks. Tried some brick oven pizzas topped with blueberries and strawberries and of course, Churros! YUM! I’m actually craving for those churros until now. I want some more! Thursday, meeting with CG core team for the upcoming CG Camp and attended the last supper mass with the bf. Friday, took some photos of the 7 last words play presented by the Youth Ministry and after that we then headed to my place to make our Easter Egg presentation. Saturday, attended the 3 hour easter Vigil mass then came Sunday , the most hectic day of the week! Easter Fellowship in the morning (where we [CG] won 3rd place in the Easter Egg Presentation), Lunch together with Antioch and CG and after which took some photos of my niece’s pool b-day party. Hectic isn’t it? But definitely worth it ‘coz I got to spend my time with my most beloved girlfriends, churchmates, bf and relatives.

Oh, btw I haven’t organized the photos that I took from the Zambales escapade. I guess I won’t be able to process them not until next week. I still have to finalize the CG camp module within the week and I’m seeing another hectic weekend ahead. Whew. Inhale exhale. I hope I’ll get a chance to rest even for a bit.

4 Responses to “Hectic Weekend”


    you shouldn’t be obliged to blog naman. you have your blog so you can write or post or share something whenever you feel like it.

    see you on saturday bebeh! :*

    • 2 karen anne

      thanks jess jess! oo nga, but i promised myself to have a 365 project. as in araw araw. pero d na ata matutupad.

      i just think sometimes napaka-uninformative ng blog ko!:P

      See you tomorrow! =)

  2. 3 sab

    i love this shot. seriously. :)

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