A few more days


I’m writing in transit bound to Las Pinas. The weather’s been weird lately. It was supposed to be summer but raining. Speaking of, i’m praying for a good weather on the weekend. A few more days before the yearly College Group camp. One of the most anticipated yearly events of our group. Being the coordinator, i have actually tons of tasks to take care of. Every day meetings, logistics, revising the camp modules and such. I hope all goes well during the weekend. And above all, i’m praying that the participants who will attend this camp, will have a better and deeper relationship with their fellow College Group members and of course, with God.

Recall, recall , so how was the past week? Friday, went out for classic dinner date with SO. Watched Fast and the Furious. A total eye candy movie for SO with all the girls and the cars. Too bad I fell asleep in the middle of the film. Blame it on the tub of popcorn, lemonade and pretzels.

The weekend has been great. Spent most of the time with good friends. Saturday, Met up with my good friend jess to shoot her garage sale items. Oh and btw go visit her site again at yourtreasure you might like her new items there. Sunday, pj picked me up for some halo halo and siopao at digman’s. Gerson, june and jhoana also joined us. If the north luzon has razon’s the south has digman’s. The best halo halo in town. And did I mentioned, cheap too? P50 for the halo halo and P20 for yhe siopao. Bang for the buck. Yummm!

Bout you? How was your weekend?

Oh btw, i’ve already started writing down my own bucket list. Will post the list when i reach 100.

2 Responses to “A few more days”

  1. 1 Sher

    yum, I havent had halo halo for so long!!

    • 2 karen anne

      i knowww! you guys should visit us sometime! =) I’ll bring you to the best halohalo place in town!

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