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Lately, I’ve looking back on my life, my accomplishments and what’s yet to achieve. I’ve been pondering on a few things that I do think I have to do before I reach 30. Some needs long term planning and execution while most of them were short term. Yes, I’m a dreamer myself and I do […]



  I’ve always wanted to make a watermark for the longest time! At last, I finished drafting a few ones. Now, the question is, which one? Having a  hard time to decide. One and two looks almost the same, except for the bar perhaps? Butttttt, the bar still makes a difference right? Ok enough about […]

D@mn pissed. Why can’t some people utter words such “May I borrow?”. Caught her (again) for the nth time using my stuff without me knowing. This is not the 1st, the 2nd , 3rd or even the fourth! Nth time. More than my fingers can count! Can you believe? Why can’t she get her own? […]

Last night, I woke up twice. I can still remember waking up with a fast heartbeat recalling the bad dream that I just had, fire falling straight from the sky. It was like a scene from the Exodus, the plagues , but this time it was fire instead of hail. The second time I was […]

Ever since 2009 began, my life had turned pretty much different. More responsibilities, Less time for self. Sometimes, when I think about it, I can’t even imagine how I survive with a very hectic schedule. Juggling time between the family, bf, friends,work, photography, church and LATA . Now I encourage you to do the math! […]

A  collage made by a College Group (CG) member (tatie). This will be printed in 5r photo papers and will be given away as tokens to those who helped and reached out to make  this CG camp possible. Hello Monday! Back from a looonggg Labor day vaca. So hows was every body’s holiday? Hope it all […]