Exodus: Valde Iter Itineris


A  collage made by a College Group (CG) member (tatie). This will be printed in 5r photo papers and will be given away as tokens to those who helped and reached out to make  this CG camp possible.

Hello Monday! Back from a looonggg Labor day vaca. So hows was every body’s holiday? Hope it all went well. As for me, me and the bf had just celebrated our 3rd year together. yay! Time do really fly so fast.

So another set of backlog writing again for me. The weather’s still weird but this won’t stop me from all my summer activities! a 3 day camp in the woods, A quick beach get – away and the church Summer sportsfest!

For this entry, I decided to write about the 3day College Group Camp first. No fret, coz i’ll still be writing about the quick beach get-away on the next entry and so so. 

The Camp was named Exodus: Valde Iter Itineris (The great journey in Latin). Activities and sessions where derived  from the book of Exodus, the Escape of Israelites from Egypt.

Day 1: Started the day early with less than 3 hours of sleep. A former college group member and a good friend (Dino) drove me straight to the campsite while the rest of the participants raced their way while accomplishing some task upon reaching the campsite. Activities started just right after siesta with group cheers and banner presentations. Followed by the Fire making activity and fire ritual at night. The ritual was

an emotional one, asking everyone to commit themselves to the Lord while feeling the heat emitted by the bonfire. Stargazing right after with all the bullfrogs around! hahaa ewww!

Day 2: Day started with a series of rope courses that includes mohawk, postman , burma bridge and zipline. Of course everyone enjoyed the zipline including me. It was one of the highlight of the camp.I was praying for a good weather but the rain still poured hard on the 2nd day. But God really works wonders because it was just a perfect time for us to bond and play dodgeball in the rain. So when was the last time I danced in the rain? now i can proudly say, just 2 weeks ago! Pure Fun isn’t it.

Day 3: A 4 hour trek to the river highlighted the day. It was tiring but definitely memorable. Crossed a waist deep river and walked non-stop. I had sunburns at the back, but it was all good. Capped the day with a novena mass in the evening.

Of course, the College Group camp was a success. Yes I did pray for it to be successful and God never seize to amaze me. It wouldn’t be possible with everyone’s help, from the CG core team , CLW brothers and sisters and of course the  CG members who participated in this camp.  I just hope that everyone will continue the journey and share each others lives  with God and with one another through College  Group.

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