The Missing List


Ever since 2009 began, my life had turned pretty much different. More responsibilities, Less time for self. Sometimes, when I think about it, I can’t even imagine how I survive with a very hectic schedule. Juggling time between the family, bf, friends,work, photography, church and LATA . Now I encourage you to do the math! Just make sure that they get the right amount of time they deserve, ok?
Lately, I’ve been thinking of what I’ve been missing from the past years. When my life was just plain simple, that I get to do what I want to the do out of impulsiveness. That I don’t even need to think about my schedule and flip through the pages of my thick Belle de jour planner. (Yes, I can’t still let go of my paper planner even if my ipod touch calendar app is easily available in my palm)

If you’re following me at plurk/twitter, you may have noticed that I’ve been listing some of the stuff that I totally miss. And now I would like to continue the list just for the sake of knowing and maybe I could do some of them when I get extra time on my hands soon. (I wish!) If people have their bucket list, I now present to you my “missed list”

The Missed List

  1. Bargain hunting at 168/tutuban, Divisoria (This is the bargain mecca in MNL. If you really want to look for some cheap but good stuff, you better head to this place. From clothes, bags, shoes, and even novelty items for home)
  2. Eating authentic and fresh Chinese food at China town (right after bargain hunting at Divisoria)
  3. Sleeping for 12hrs ++ straight (Waking up with a really bad headache from the very long sleep)
  4. Uploading tons of photography pictures for my online portfolio (flickr/multiply)
  5. Staying home all day on a rainy day (I just love the cool breeze, eating moms cooking, reading mags or surfing the net)
  6. Creating website layouts ( for my own portfolio, the bf, other friends and such)
  7. Spending time @ starbucks, doing artsy stuff with my lappie.
  8. Clubbing with friends!
  9. Catching time with friends that I see frequently.
  10. Going out with the whole fam. (Believe it or not, I do. So when was the las time? When Dad was here in MNL?)
  11. Baking cookies and giving them out to my friends.
  12. Preparing a whole course meal.
  13. Photowalks around MNL.
  14. Joining photography EBs and meeting new friends.
  15. Renegade get-togethers.
  16. Jogging around CCP on a saturday morning.
  17. Shooting models outdoor/ studio.
  18. DVD marathons with a tub of popcorn on hand.
  19. Walking around the village at night.
  20. Laying in the middle of the village court , stargazing with friends.

And the list could go on but I should probably stop at 20. So where should I start? #1? Does this mean, Divisoria, see you on Saturday?

4 Responses to “The Missing List”

  1. 1 tara

    I miss clubbing, too.
    Taralets! :D

    • yes ta! we (including the girls) should go out again sometime. then nuggets and milkshakes after? =)

  2. i have Belle de jour as well! hehe. got it from Powerbooks :)

    dami ko din nami-miss. like you and geli.

    as in i’ve been M.I.A. for a few years now! my life has totally changed. if i could make a list like this, you’d be bored reading it because there are just so much.

    take care! i hope you find time to relax a little :)

    • every girl should have a BDJ planner. super helpful!

      # 8 and 9 is actually for you and geli too! I miss our pigout sessions already!

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