Bad dreams and blood letting


Last night, I woke up twice. I can still remember waking up with a fast heartbeat recalling the bad dream that I just had, fire falling straight from the sky. It was like a scene from the Exodus, the plagues , but this time it was fire instead of hail.

The second time I was awaken, I remember waking up with tears rolling down my cheeks down straight to my pillow. I could not remember clearly the dream I had. But one thing I remember for sure, I couldn’t stop crying. I have thoughts of it, it might be a bad dream that involves a close friend, the bf, or a member of the family. I can get really emotional when it comes to relationships. Or maybe, it must have been my subconscious thinking about my mid year life crisis which I am going through right now. Right! The perks of growing old. Sigh.

Yesterday, I attempted to donate blood for a good friend and CG member , JB. I was very excited to reach out and help him out in a personal way. To give a part of me, in this case, my blood. I made sure I was able to sleep at least 7 hours, and oh boy, I really dragged myself to sleep early. Woke up early too, to make it to the 7am cutoff. 645 am, I was already at the hospital, on the line , filling up forms for the blood donor screening. By 8am , it was my turn to be screened. and guess what, FAIL! I weigh under the minimum donor requirement which is at least 55kgs. I weigh 104lbs which is about 52kgs. :( Sad. Really, I’ve always wanted to reach out to people in my own way, as much as I can. And thinking about it right now, I’m considering that it could be one of my purpose in life. And you, do you already know your purpose?

3 Responses to “Bad dreams and blood letting”

  1. 1 paul david

    A sincere prayer can go a long way for someone you really care for. Even if you didn’t make it in the cut off, God knows you’ve tried. Sometimes, it’s the effort that counts more than the results.

    • Yea. definitely agree. I’m just sad because he badly needs it. His hemoglobin count is dropping. :( I’m hoping this time, he already had some blood transfered to his system. Continuous prayers for him.

  2. 3 teeyah

    The thought of you going the extra mile is something your friend will appreciate :D I’m sure he feels touched already.

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