So much to do, so little time


Lately, I’ve looking back on my life, my accomplishments and what’s yet to achieve. I’ve been pondering on a few things that I do think I have to do before I reach 30. Some needs long term planning and execution while most of them were short term. Yes, I’m a dreamer myself and I do want to do a lot of things in my life.

Just in case you don’t know, I already know how to do a lot of things. To actually name a few : Play the guitar, dance, do crafts, digital arts, photography, sing, cook, bake, draw, decorate, events management, conduct a seminar , design web pages and the list could go on. As you can see, I’m a jack of all trades and a master of none. Now here comes the dilemma, due to my nature of being easily bored, I tend to drop the hobby when nearing to master them.But then I do miss doing such things from time to time. I guess I really like variation a lot.

The other day, I impulsively would like to buy a guitar after seeing my cousin play it so well. It got me thinking to rekindle my love for playing the guitar and hopefully practice my voice box since I personally could notice that my voice doesn’t sound so well just like it used to. Not that I could sing very well, but also not to the point that I could break a piece of glass for singing. lol. Let’s just say I can hit the right notes.

What I missed most about school are those dance practices that let you stay up late at night. Its always been my dream to dance hiphop so well. I’ve wanted to take classes but always hesitated thinking if I would still fit the crowd. Well maybe I can, afterall I can still cheat some people with my age. I just hope I can do this just before I hit 30. hehe. Could you imagine me doing hiphop at 35? lol.

Today, I’m drafting some headpieces and learning how to make ribbon flowers. My mom have always taught me how to make crafts, and from what I can still remember, I’ve always helped her do our own Christmas decorations not mentioning the endless burnt skin caused by the hot glue. Oh how I miss doing crafts at home, rummaging on mom’s junk and finding pieces of treasure for my projects. This week, I’m doing it again. I need to make a headpiece to wear for this Sunday’s event. It’s a “Hollywood redcarpet” themed event at church. I do hope It turns out well as I’m wearing a pretty simple dress to go with it. I’ll post pics once I’m done with the headpiece, who knows I could be a master of designing accessories. lol.

*sigh* So much to do so little time. Aside from those mentioned, the list of my “to learn” is still growing. There comes the urge to learn how to mix songs (yes, what DJs do in clubs), learn how to do artistic and wearable make-up, and such. Where  should I start? Should I focus on just one? Where should I focus. Gah, I couldn’t decide. :( Time is running out.

x.s. Oh and btw, do you have any suggestion on which Hollywood actress I could imitate for this sunday’s redcarpet event? I’m thinking of an actress that has a classic style but still noticeable and distinct, but not such style as Tina Turner’s.


4 Responses to “So much to do, so little time”

  1. 1 tara

    Dita Von Teese :) Classic pale face and red lipstick, not necessarily the bombshell outfits but her red lipstick is SO her.

    And oh, lately I’ve been feeling that, too. To the point that I don’t get to sleep anymore :(

    Cheers to the jack of all trades. Someday we’ll master something :)

    • thanks for the input ta. though, I’m not really familiar with her, I’ll try to do my research!

      yea cheers to us, I hope that someday will be SOON. See you next PFW season with the boots! LOL!

  2. 3 Dang

    Dita is good =)

    I share the same dilemma, so many things to do! I usually try them all, go gaga over something, and then jump to the next one.

    Well, I guess there’s no harm in knowing so much, so don’t worry too much =)

    PS: You’re mastering PHOTOGRAPHY! Wee!

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