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Photography it’s not always a man’s world, women have their places too. One dilemma that I usually face when attending parties or  night outs with my girlfriends is “to bring or not to bring my DSLR”. Aside from it being heavy/bulky, another reason why I don’t usually bring my DSLR on parties and events is […]

[dot] com


A web design I made for a food catering business. Aside from being a professional photographer, I’m also a wanna be digital artist/web designer. Ever since I graduated high school, I’ve always wanted to be a web designer, inspired by the digital world called blogging. Yes, my passion for web design and photography were rooted […]

Makeup is art


My first take on Digital Make up, using Adobe Photoshop CS. Tell me what you think! To be honest I’m not really a make up person.  I hated make up when I was young, thinking that it was a waste of time putting it on. Just to let you know, I have graduated college without […]

My first take on portrait/beauty processing. The before and after image. Still busy and hyped with the photos I took from last Saturday’s fun shoot with the boys.  Last night, I tried to learn a new workflow for processing portrait and close-up photos. Whew! I tell you, its tedious.  One photo took me at least […]

Sneak Peak


Model: Anna Paz Photographer/MUA: me I had a fashion shoot yesterday with my Renegade friends. We did the shoot from a friend’s studio. And guess what? I was the MUA for the day. I know, I don’t put too much make-up but what can I do, I’m the only woman from the team. So what […]

Guess what I found from the bf’s backpack today? Finders Keepers! It was a stainless steel Esprit watch.  A perfect surprise to end a  supposed to be “blah” monday. Just to let you know, the bf’s (nean) not really good in keeping secrets and suprises with me. I usually can guess if he is up to something, […]