A lovely “monday” surprise


Guess what I found from the bf’s backpack today? Finders Keepers! It was a stainless steel Esprit watch.  A perfect surprise to end a  supposed to be “blah” monday. Just to let you know, the bf’s (nean) not really good in keeping secrets and suprises with me. I usually can guess if he is up to something, but this time it was close to perfect, never a single hint did I knew about it. Guess he’s getting better every time. The surprise stunt was the same as before, He would either tell me to find something from his closet or bag, then upon opening I would find either find a paper bag, bouquet of flowers or a gift box. Sweet isn’t he?

Apparently, this was a late anniversary gift, since last month was our 3rd. I told him, he shouldn’t have bought me one, but he insisted. He said he wanted to share his blessings with me, so he did. *Sigh* I was melting right at that moment. I heart this man into pieces. He makes me smile with even the smallest of things.  Yes,we do face our own storms, fought over petty things, but at the end of the day, we knew from each other that we couldn’t sleep without saying our sorrys and accepting each others fault.

To the bf, thank you and I love you. I could have said it a million times, but still that wouldn’t be enough.

6 Responses to “A lovely “monday” surprise”

  1. 1 teeyah

    Lovely, indeed! :) Ang sweet naman ni Giles, heehe. I gave the same thing to Vic. Nagtanungan siguro kami haha!

    • he really is sweet. *blush*

      Same brand sis? Its probably because great minds think alike! =)

      • 3 teeyah

        I bought Vic’s from Fossil :) I can’t see your watch’s brand pero ang ganda ng design! :)

  2. 4 Dang

    wow. i love Nean too (for you, of course!)
    sleek watch + sweet BF = Lucky you!

    more loving years to both of you!

    • yea I’m one lucky girlfriend.

      thanks sis!
      It really means a lot to have supportive friends on this relationship. =)

  3. 6 Sher

    awwww I love your photos! I wish I could afford a better camera to take awesome shots :) thanks for your kind comments :)! I hope I get something soon too, and something I like lol

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