Before and After


My first take on portrait/beauty processing. The before and after image.

Still busy and hyped with the photos I took from last Saturday’s fun shoot with the boys.  Last night, I tried to learn a new workflow for processing portrait and close-up photos. Whew! I tell you, its tedious.  One photo took me at least 1 1/2 hour to do.  Now I understand why having your photo taken by a pro is a bit pricey. So tell me what you think? Did I over do  it? Hope not!

26 days before I add another 1 on my age. Ugh,  getting older, nearing mid life.  I don’t have plans yet but I wanted to do something  out of the usual. Something that would make me feel good.  Here’s some of my ideas just before I turn a year older

  • get a new cut  short / asymmetrical)
  • New hair color
  • a photoshoot for my self
  • an out of town
  • create my own moo mini cards
  • celebrate the eve of my bday  on a club with good friends (never done this before)
  • get real drunk! (when was the last time?)
  • celebrate at home with all of my friends (That’s if I have the moolah to throw a party)
  • Buy a new whole outfit from head to toe
  • an intimate dinner on a upscale restaurant/hotel
  • create my own photo gallery at home (complete with frames and all)
  • whole body spa
  • (still thinking…)

I don’t know if I’d be able to do atleast one of them, but I’m getting myself ready. Coz last year, I was caught up on the last minute. I just wanted to make sure that this one’s going to be a memorable one. How bout you, any suggestions?


2 Responses to “Before and After”

  1. 1 Dang

    Let’s hit the road and get drunk…in Tagaytay! =)

    • that sounds good dang! I might consider that one! I’ll let you guys know my plans and prolly help me decide too =)

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