Makeup is art


My first take on Digital Make up, using Adobe Photoshop CS. Tell me what you think!

To be honest I’m not really a make up person.  I hated make up when I was young, thinking that it was a waste of time putting it on. Just to let you know, I have graduated college without knowing how to put  proper make up. Yes, I am the powder and gloss kind of person.  Then I entered corporate world and learned that make up is a necessity.

For the past weeks, and  for some reason, I’ve been interested on make ups. Maybe because I’ve been reading a lot of beauty and make up blogs just like my cousin Sher , and my friends’ Dang and Tara.  In addition, I also came to realize that learning how to apply makeup would be helpful on my chosen hobby, Photography. In fact, last Saturday, I was able to apply it first hand, with our model above.

Currently, I’m building my stash with the basics. A 42 palette from Fashion 21  and neglected make up given by mom and some relatives from abroad. I’ve also ordered these V&M antibacterial brushes from my Dang’s online store, Urban Posh. I’m also wanting these  88/120 matte palette from Coastal Scents  and Urban decay primer potion. But I still have to save up for that since they’re not available locally. Unless somebody wants to hook me up for my bday? *wink* I must say I’m not the brand savy type (yet), for me  as long as it works, then why not use it right?

oh and btw, I’ve been considering to seriously learn artistic/editorial  makeup for photoshoots. Thank God for video tutorials on youtube!


5 Responses to “Makeup is art”

  1. 1 Dang

    …and for loads of beauty blogs out there =)

  2. 3 Shen

    I admire your skills, kapatid!! :) its very impressive. i mouthed wow when i saw this and the other post you made.. there are really a lot of things you can do with CS. :)

    • Hi shen, Thank you for visiting my blog. You can really do wonders with photoshop, you just have to practice practice and practice! . I love it most coz it brings out the best of my photos. Nice blog btw!

  3. Just found your blog. You got some nice photos and other stuff. Interesting read.

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