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A web design I made for a food catering business.

Aside from being a professional photographer, I’m also a wanna be digital artist/web designer. Ever since I graduated high school, I’ve always wanted to be a web designer, inspired by the digital world called blogging. Yes, my passion for web design and photography were rooted from my interest in blogging way back ages ago. It all started with my urge to make my own web layout, then followed by my urge to use my own pictures too! I admit, I used to copy pictures from websites that offer stock images for personal use, but then I was not fully satisfied with my works, maybe because I can’t claim it to be 100% mine.

I could still remember my first commissioned web project, the enthusiasm and excitement of working for an actual “client” during my college years. It was a referral from a friend at school to create a web design for her uncle’s business.

A few weeks ago,  a family friend/ neighbor called my attention to make her a website for her catering business. I was hesitant at first, but thank God for the SO for challenging me to accept it, and letting me know the Pros and cons of the project. And one thing that struck me is the chance to practice my knowledge on my first love, web design.  Now, I am  back on the same interest, recalling my skills to deliver a well presented design.

As you may have noticed, the photo above is the first draft of this project. To be honest, I had a hard time conceptualizing how I would like it to be presented, what photo to add, the colors to use, etc. I guess that’s the drawback of not practicing eh? But aside from that, I’m pretty much contented with the outcome. I wanted the site to have an impression of being classy with a hint of contemporary thus I splashed it with bright colors.

Until now, I still wanted to become a digital/web artist. I wanted to have my own design studio equipped with a Mac book pro! Ehem, My b-day’s nearing, anyone got a hint? haha kidding. but seriously, Its not too late for a career shift, right?

5 Responses to “[dot] com”

  1. 1 Dang

    I’ve always believed in your talent, SD. See, you’re not “jack of all trades, master of none” after all. Because now you got Computer Skills + Photography + Creativity = Web Designer. Ha! =D

    • thank you for believing sis. It really helps a lot to have a great support system around me! I still owe you one design. have you thought of a name yet? =)

  2. WHOA! :D

    Congrats sis! Proud of ya :)
    And let me just say that I like how you write. You make it so easy to understand your thoughts. Should add that, too, to your CV :)

    • thank you tee! Know what? I’ve always envied (in a good way) yours and Dang’s writing skills and never been confident with mine. I always thought that I use the same words over again or sometimes run around the bush to explain my point.

      But thank you for compliment. It boosted me up! I’m inspired to write more! =)

  3. 5 teeyah

    Lam mo sis, I usually dislike those writers who use heavy words. For me, reading [especially blogs] should always be easy. It has never been an area for me at least, to exercise and showcase a database of words. Kaya kudos to you! :)

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