Photography is not always a man’s world


Photography it’s not always a man’s world, women have their places too.

One dilemma that I usually face when attending parties or  night outs with my girlfriends is “to bring or not to bring my DSLR”. Aside from it being heavy/bulky, another reason why I don’t usually bring my DSLR on parties and events is the fact that I don’t have a chic/fashionable camera bag to put it on.

I actually have 2 camera bags,  a Tamrac shoulder bag which was given by the SO and a Lowepro backpack that I won from a photo contest. Sure thing, they do serve their purpose and they do protect my gears well. But! Can you imagine, wearing a dress while carrying a bulky black shoulder bag or worse, a huge blue and black backpack while  in heels?

While blog surfing yesterday, I came across Swipesomegloss blog, and chanced upon her post on this chic slr bag.  The first time I saw the photos, my eyes popped as I have been looking for fashionable slr bags available localy. My eyes popped even more when I saw the price indicated. P799 for an slr bag, that’s roughly just $16 . Just so you now, camera bag prices here starts  at around P1400 ($28) for the cheapest and can go up as P10000 ($200) depending on the size and functionality. So for $16, that’s pretty cheap.

I hurriedly scrolled down to see where can I get the bag and read “Powerbooks”. I hurriedly called their main branch right at that moment as I have read that stocks are easily being sold. I suddenly remembered that I have a “Powerbooks” Gift Card sitting on my card holder for almost 6 months already. It was a gift that I got from a friend last Christmas, wasn’t able to use it immediately since I’m not the bookworm type.  Perfect Timing, said to myself  and realize how much would I save using that card. Imagine, paying only P299 ($6) for a camera bag? Who woudn’t want that? And so lucky that I am, I got the 2nd to the last stock, a Pink and black Techtote Candy Hearts -Sweatheart SLR bag! Giddy!

Since I’m all up for this bag, I might as well give it a review since I’m feeling motivated to write tonight.

This Techtote Candy Hearts SLR bag can hold a camera and a kit lens attached. I have tried putting on my camera (a Nikon D40) with my 55-200 Nikkor lens on it and it fits well. Just right, so if  you’ll attach your kit lens instead, you’ll probably have more space for other stuff. As per Swipesomegloss, It comes in different colors, Heartbreaker (black and baby blue), Be Mine (green and yellow), Sweetheart (orange and black) and Hot Stuff (red and white). I don’t know why she didn’t mentioned pink and black but that’s what I got. and btw, I saw the green and yellow combination and i must say, it shouts “NEON!”. Going back, It is made of leather patent that makes it waterproof on the outside while the inside is made of corduroy. Comes with 2 side pockets for extra batteries and SD cards.


  • Looks chic, if you’re looking for a fashionable slr camera bag available locally, this is an option
  • Comes in different colors, select which one suits your personality
  • Patent outside makes it waterproof, thus protecting your camera from sudden spills
  • Cheap compared to other slr bags , this far is the cheapest slr bag I’ve seen locally.


  • Padding is not thick enough to protect the camera from drops. In my opinion, the padding is thin compared to other slr bags. I would even doubt if this can protect your camera from 1-2 feet drops, since my Tamrac can do so.
  • Small, can only fit 1 camera with lens attached  and an extra battery and some sd cards on its side pockets.
  • Though I have mentioned earlier that it is stylish, for my taste, It is not trendy enough. It lacks design accessories if you ask me. The bag itself if made of 2 handles and a zipper and thats all the accessories it has. It doesn’t have any prints, texture or any of those kind. For me, It looks bland. So if you’re just like me that has a complicated taste, you better think of options on how to pimp this one (which I already did, but that would be for my next post)
  • Stocks are running low. I inquired from Powerbooks glorietta and robinsons mid town but they already ran out of stocks. I got the 2nd to the last stock from their greenbelt branch. I also inquired directly to techtote via email and said they still have several pieces left on their stock, so you might as well order online to avoid the hassle of looking for it on several branches. btw, their email address is

Verdict: The first thing I look  for on a camera bag is it features and if does protect my gears well. And since this bag’s padding does not meet my expectations, I would give it a C+ ranking. Personally, I wouldn’t buy this if it wasn’t for the P500 gift card that made me pay for this bag for only P299 ($6). Yes, this is a fashionable and a cheap alternative compared to jill-e camera bags that cost probably 10 times this one, but if having a camera bag that wouldn’t even protect my gears from 1-2 feet drops, then I wouldn’t care spending more. For me, buy this camera bag, if you’re willing to sacrifice the safety of your gears, and btw, this is not your everyday camera bag.

Available at all Powerbooks branches, for P799.

5 Responses to “Photography is not always a man’s world”

  1. 1 Dang

    Yes, it’s really nicer than the traditional DSLR bags, but you’re right on risking the safety of your precious camera & lenses! Nice review =)

  2. I found very informative. The article is professionally written and I feel like the author knows the subject very well. keep it that way.

  3. 4 Sher

    aww I hope you have funnnn!! I’m not allowed to go clubbing, or do anything “fun” :S! But ill prob go when my parents leave for vacay LOL shhh!

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