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here’s something short and sweet… HAPPY SILVER ANNIVERSARY TO MY MOM AND DAD! I hope your love for each other still grows even if you’re apart. Love you both! x.s. I feel bad that I don’t have a gift for them since dad’s away. But I’m planning something special for them both when dad visits […]

Similar to the Ipod ads eh? I admit, this photo was inspired by the Ipod silhouettes found on their marketing paraphernalia. Long before I had a dSLR and was hooked into photography, I was already a fan of silhouettes. I am fascinated by the simple yet striking effect that it exhibits. This is my entry […]

Goodies my mom got me straight from Japan. My mom visited Japan for almost 2 weeks, and I must admit, even though she yells and scolds me at times,  I still missed her. But anyways, she’s back now, so everything’s back to normal for me, I can go home anytime I want and not worry […]



Using my makeshift studio. Desklamp + my trusty ‘ol D40  I know I rarely post a photo of me here, so this time, allow me to share to you what I did on a sunday night. Initially, I just wanted to try out my newly bought Ellianto (korean makeup brand) eyeliner gel, but then I realized that ever […]

Disclaimer: Snapshot photos ahead. I usually look forward on weekends (who doesn’t anyway?)  as it is my ME time, my time out, my do-whatever-I- want time. I look forward to the days that I can go to the mall, spend time with the S.O., attend church meetings,  out of town trips, try a new food […]

Hey I’m turning a year older this weekend! *Sigh!* and just to make things on the positive side, I’m celebrating my birthday the whole weekend , with my close friends and love ones. I’ve already laid out the plans and hopefully all goes well tonight and the coming days. Friday : Karaoke with my officemates […]