The Birthday Weekend


Disclaimer: Snapshot photos ahead.

I usually look forward on weekends (who doesn’t anyway?)  as it is my ME time, my time out, my do-whatever-I- want time. I look forward to the days that I can go to the mall, spend time with the S.O., attend church meetings,  out of town trips, try a new food joint, coffee with my girlfriends or just plainly catch up on my sleep.

Last weekend was one of the most anticipated weekends for this year, as I celebrate my 24th birthday on Planet Earth! Honestly,  ever since I reached 20, I never wanted to celebrate my birthday. I would always keep it on the down low. Nothing extravagant, even lucky if I would be able to blow a piece of  candle on a birthday cake. Why? Maybe because the thought of  dropping the word “teen” on my age makes me feel old and worried. *sigh*  But this time, I wanted to forget worrying, and made sure I’ll be able  spend time with the people close to my heart, having fun and welcoming another +1 on my age wholeheartedly.

As mentioned on my previous post, everything written down on my weekend plan did happened, together with some surprises along the way of course!

Celebration Part I: Friday KTV with the officemates also turned out to be an Anniversary celebration with my batchmates as we turn our 2nd year at work. It was blast and at the same time somehow a time for saying our goodbyes to two of our friends who  already left the company.  They also gave me and Stephen a birthday cake, since we both celebrate the same birth date! The 1st birthday cake blown for that weekend.

My officemates at the KTV bar.

Celebration Part II: Saturday Clubbin with my girlfriends (and their bfs) sure fired up my weekend. I love going to Hiphop clubs as I find loud hiphop and danceable songs therapeautic. Clubs do also give me a reason to put on my dancing shoes and practice my dance skills. LOL. and of course spending time with my girlfriends was the best part of it. My college best buddies jess and geli were both there. We were reminiscin college days like crazy. My Highschool friends were also there, though we’re not complete, I’m still happy that they were there to spend the night with me. These girls are like my sisters, they know almost everything about me!

With my college buddies, Jess and Geli.

My Gamma sisters (L-R: dang, yhel, me , cath)

Celebration Part III: Sunday Surprise by my Pastoring grp. My church support system (pastoring) have been consecutively surprising me on my bday for the past 3 years. They would always put up creative surprises and stunts that I wouldn’t expect.  This year though plain simple and short, I was still awed by their thoughfulness. They visited me at home, brought a chocolate cake to blow and  had a few chitchats with the boy nean. I was blushing all the time, as they ask the bf things like “Whats the sweetest thing she did for you?” or “what are the things/characteristic that you  like about her”. I was like a 12 year old girl blushing over my first crush. hahaha. They also prayed for me, sending their wishes to the Lord above.

Blowing the cake my pastoring group brought.

Celebration Part IV: Sunday Dinner with the Fam. I was supposed to cook something out of the ordinary for everyone but mom insisted not to. Instead, it turned out to be  a simple dinner shared over pizza, twice baked potatoes, ice cream and a cake (courtesy of  S.O). You see, we rarely eat together as a fam, just like we used to before when my dad is not yet working abroad. Ever since he left, we eat on our own time.  So last sunday, I was so glad to eat at the dinner table with chairs almost filled up. Chatting over simple things, over good food and with my family, I could never ask for more.

Celebration Part V: Lunch date with the S.O. It was supposed to be an intimate Sunday dinner but he insisted that I should spend time with the family on Sunday so we opted for a monday lunch instead. I called a day off work so that me and him could spend time together.  We opted for Italliani’s since this is a special place for both me and him. I love Italian food and for all of you who don’t know, this is the place where we first met and dated. It was a very simple lunch packed with non stop chit chats on food, jokes, our own lives and others.

With Nean, enjoying good food at Italliani’s

Sure, I’m older and I’m broke (after all the celebration), but I realized during the weekend that these people make me. That through out the years, I will become older, but these people will always stay close to my heart.  That I am happy, contented and loved.  *sniff* Now, time to pay the bills!


4 Responses to “The Birthday Weekend”

  1. 1 Dang

    What a birthday blast! =D I still have your gift, you left it in the car, will bring it tom ha! Muah*

  2. It sure was a blast, sis! But I admire you for making a point to celebrate it with all the people who are important to you. I don’t recall ever celebrating my birthday as special as you did [except maybe when we turned 18 but who doesn’t di ba?]. So happy for you and see you later :) Mwah!

    • Thank you tee. I really made it a point to make this a memorable one. we’re not getting any younger so might as well cherish the moment! =)

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