Using my makeshift studio. Desklamp + my trusty ‘ol D40

 I know I rarely post a photo of me here, so this time, allow me to share to you what I did on a sunday night. Initially, I just wanted to try out my newly bought Ellianto (korean makeup brand) eyeliner gel, but then I realized that ever since I turned 24, a few things have changed on me, physically. So might as well take a look.

Well, if you haven’t noticed, I had my hair colored. I  don’t know why it doesn’t look bright here, but on daylight, it does really look brown. Also, I bought colored contact lenses. This is not the first time I wore colored ones, but decided to reconcile with it, yesterday! ha! This is my birthday month, so I’m giving myself a little gifts throughout the month.

So that’s it, just a quick post to let you guys know I’m still alive.

4 Responses to “FOTD”

  1. Weee! I love it! :) nice blending. We should go out more often para we can play with mok ap. Oha. Gumawa daw ba ng dahilan. Haha.

    • hi tee! Right! but sometimes I still feel like putting makeup just for nothing!Somehow, I realized that my makeup turns to look good when I’m not in a hurry to go somewhere. LOL

  2. 3 Dang

    Hi SD, you’re right, you have changed…A LOT! pero for the better, I mean when will we enjoy the perks of looking wild, crazy & colorful & getting away with it than NOW? =p

    Enjoy the perks of being 20s =D

    • Couldn’t agree more! We’re not getting any younger so might as well do it now, than regret it tomorrow! and lately, I have this feeling of wanting to try lot of things!Changes are fun and exciting!

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