On negative space


Similar to the Ipod ads eh?

I admit, this photo was inspired by the Ipod silhouettes found on their marketing paraphernalia. Long before I had a dSLR and was hooked into photography, I was already a fan of silhouettes. I am fascinated by the simple yet striking effect that it exhibits. This is my entry for our office’s photography club monthly contest themed Negative space. I hope it gets to the top 5! Judging will be on Wednesday. Wish me luck!

For the past week, I’ve been trying out the goodies mom gave me (from my previous post) from the MM mascara to the falsies which I’m not yet used to, until now. I was so into makeup lately that got me into small hauls for the past 4 days or so. Being said that, it resulted to an eye iritation! ok now I admit, contact lenses and eyeshadows don’t go well together. Well at least for me. Too bad I was actually looking forward to write a review and take pictures of the MM (Majolica Majorca) lash expander frame plus on my lashes, but since my left eye is still reddish, I’m taking a time off on makeup.

So pardon me for the lack of posts since there’s nothing really interesting happening on my life right now! oh, except for my Gamma sister, Tetas, who gave birth to lovely baby girl. Welcome to the world, baby Sophie!

Update: I got the 5th place from the contest. whew! I almost didn’t make it. Thank God!

8 Responses to “On negative space”

  1. Don’t worry sis. We all go through that :) Goodluck and I’m sure it will heal soon :)

    • my left eye’s getting better sis, though not totally healed. :D and thank you for the continuous visit, even if i post nonsense stuff! LOL!

  2. Hmm. Similar to the iconic ipod ads, yeah. And I like that fact that you acknowledge your inspiration!
    Lovely photograph nonetheless, I love the light!

    • hey juicer,

      first of all, thank you for dropping by. Glad to see a new face here on my humble lil webspace. :D

      and thank you for the compliment too. yes, those are water droplets from my model’s hair, we were actually at the beach when i took it. so glad someone noticed ;)

  3. Ooh..just noticed..are those water droplets flying off the dreadlocks?! Fantastic!

  4. 6 Dang

    Nice photo sis, as always =) it reminds me of a guy in dreads naked in the beach. LOLs. get well on that eye irritation =)

  5. 8 Sher

    aww happy anniversary to them both :)!
    p.s. my mom tried to pick colours similar to the ones I wrote down for another company, I wanted specific pinks and lavender :) lol thats why!
    I dont think my mom likes red lip stuff though…. lol

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