meet ME-ME!

My meme tag, from Dang

My meme tag, from Dang

POKE ME 10 times for not updating! haha. ok blame it on me, i’ve been wanting to do an update and post my reviews on some products but my lappie had to be formatted and I lost all my apps including Photoshop! thus I can’t post any photos .

For the mean time, I’m claiming my Meme award/ tag thing from my SD Dang.

Rules of Acceptance

1. Acknowledge the person who sent you the award

2. Nominate the 7 other blogs

3. Share your 7 personality traits so we can get to know you better.

First, as I’ve mentioned earlier, Dang is one of  the few persons closest  to my heart. She knows almost everything about me, up to the tiniest secrets that I know she’s the only one to understand. We shared a lot of good times together back in high school where we would head to our house after class, eating noodles and desserts under our Langka (jack fruit) tree . Up to now, we still do that once in a while, through sleep overs to catch up with our busy lives, eating ice cream and laugh our hearts out on anything. So thank you dang for tagging me, and sorry if it took me a while to claim! LOL

Second, I won’t tag anyone since I only have a few on my blog roll and almost everyone on my list already got tagged. Ok the perks of not updating everyday.

Third, here goes my 7 traits. Breathe in, breathe out.

1. If I came across a new food that I liked, I will eat it  almost every single day for almost 2-3 weeks and then ditch it for almost 6 months or so. to name a few,  RITZ cheese crackers, oreos, Gummy bears, oatmeal cookies, coffee flavored ice cream, etc…

2. I like a variety of flavors when eating. I don’t go with the usual appetizer, main course and dessert thing. I usually take a few of each then repeat until I get everything done.  It makes me savor the flavor of each when I get a new taste on my tongue every time.

3. I’m emotional but most of the time, I keep it to myself. I get teary eyed on the simplest things like an overwhelming thought, a touching story, an emotional movie, too much happiness  and such. I can fill a jar of tears if there’s a reason to.

4. I like to make things extra ordinary. I always believe that I can make things extra special. Whether it is an idea or  a simple thing that needs to be revamped, I try to give it an “ohhhh” factor. Thank you Lord for the creativity  you’ve given.

5. Colors make me happy. I do believe that I was born with crayons on my hands.  To prove , I can grab a bunch of  color pencils on where I am seating right now. I like splashing  loud colors  on my outfits that scream “look at me”.

6. I like to make people happy.  I like giving/making stuff for people without any reason to.  I like pulling surprises for someone just because. The sense of fulfillment is my personal reward. I feel that it is my purpose.

7. I’m pickle minded. One moment I’m decided, after a minute I’m not! Bf says I think too much.

That’s it,  I hope you do find this post somehow interesting.   Time to work! tata.

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  1. glad you liked my tut :) do you have any requests for me to do? I hope I can do more >_< very time consuming!

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