Loren in Hot Pink

Loren in Hot Pink, a strobist photo shoot held last Saturday on a warehouse located out of town

Dear blog,

Yes, you’re not dreaming, I’m writing to you again after a long hiatus. I’m sorry for being such a lazy head. The past weeks have been busy, I’m out for most of the time. I’m writing to you to let you know everything and when such time that I’ll catch Alzheimer’s, hopefully then you’ll remind how crazy my life was.

Two weekends ago was a tough weekend for me and N (the bf). We got into a huge argument that almost ended into a break up. Funny how three years ago, I feel like I was in a fairy tale, a perfect love story where the prince and princess lived happily ever after. But now, I think we’ve became villains of our own lives that we argue about the pettiest things we could thing of. But I’m proud to say we’ve decided to save the relationship and trying to work things out by now. Hopefully by the next coming weeks, things are better.

Add to that, the so called midlife crisis has been hunting me for days. I know that I do not belong here, and even my colleagues do tell that I should not be here. I know I don’t want an 8-5 seated in a cubicle office job. but what can I do, I don’t know where to start. I always daydream of field work, writing/drawing on my idea board, working on my Mac book Pro (MBP) in the wee hours of the morning. I know God has plans someday, I just hope someday will become SOON.

Speaking of MBP, my laptop Blix is already showing signs of retirement. You know you missed him as much as I do since I don’t access you anymore using blix. Yes anytime soon, he will retire, God knows when, but I just hope I get to buy his brother before he dies. and with the word brother goes by MBP. Yes, I want a Mac book pro for my next lappie and nothing else.

For the past week, I’ve been yearning to dance like crazy. Two consecutive days of searching dance lessons nearby and I’ve decided I’m taking classes by September. You know how much I love dancing right? It’s even listed on my Birthday wish list that didn’t even get to cross out. But this time, I’m not letting this pass. I don’t want to end up frustrated and grow old without doing it.

And just to let you know what’s inside my head right now:

  • nail color/art – bought two nail colors in week!
  • Dog – they’re the cutest of things. I want a pug and nothing else.
  • Photoshoot – I think I need to shoot more often. I noticed I shoot less now than last year.
  • working 12 hrs a day. I’m tired, thank God it’s the last day of the week.
  • rice crispy treats – been craving for it for more than 2 weeks now. Already bought ingredients a while ago, hoping to cook em by the weekend!
  • MBP MBP, no money!

So there dear blog, I hope I have satisfied you with another non- sense entry. I know I promised to make a review but blame me again for being too lazy to shoot some product shots. I’m off to a busy weekend. Hopefully by Monday, I’ll get to see you again. tata!

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