Rollercoaster weekend


Oh it’s Monday! How fast the long weekend went. So how did you spent yours? Mine, as expected, it was a busy one, full packed!

Friday: I was up early even though it was a holiday. Bf and I were in search for a net book for his sister. We went to Gilmore to bargain hunt but ended up with nothing since all options were out of his budget. But its all good since we were able to canvass and now have an idea how much more he needs to save. Give him less than 2 months and we’ll definitely be back. And since we traveled far and got nothing, I asked the bf if he wants to go on a food trip and said yes. (We actually reward ourselves with good food most of the time) So we dragged our selves to China Town even if it requires us to walk far under the sun! The walk was tiring but definitely worth it. We ordered beef broccoli, buttered chicken, camaron rebusado (fried shrimp), hot and sour soup and shanghai fried rice. Stuffing ourselves was the best part. And believe it or not the bill was only P385 (almost $8.00). We even got leftovers and to think that we ate a loooottt! Later in the eve, I quickly dropped by the mall to buy a gift for my Tatie’s 18th birthday.

Saturday : Dropped by work for a few minutes then went to the bf to watch him sleep. Yes I know, this sounds boring to some but I find it relaxing being with him without doing nothing. Oh I remembered, I did something! read some blogs, watched you tube vids, download new music and eat. Does that count? The evening was more interesting. Attended Tatie’s 18th bday. I was wearing all black with red accessories (ie. belt, cocktail ring, nails). (Yes , she did require everyone to wear all black). Add to that, I was able to wear falsies for the first time! And I admit, I got tipsy at some point but recovered myself just when we were about to hit home. Lolll!

Sunday was the busiest. Started with the usual 830 am CLW meeting. Though it was early, I appreciated attending it because of the worship which I badly needed. Something positive to start my day! Afternoon was supposed to be College Group photography workshop but decided to post pone it because only few members show up. Instead we celebrated Renz’s 18th with ice cream! Perfect timing cause it was scorching hot! tsss. Heard mass by 530 with the bf, dinner, taro and watched Up in full 3d! This was the highlight of the day! My first time to watch a full 3d movie with the dorky glasses on! lol. Now, I can’t wait to watch G-force in 3d too!

And just as how fun the day was going, it still ended with “bf” issues. I must have been cursed because every time me and him have so much fun, we would still end up with an argument! And have you ever been in a situation that you care so much but you feel unappreciated? And it frustrates me because I can’t do nothing.

ps. Thank you online world for listening. I badly needed someone to talk to.*sigh*


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  1. I didnt know you guys had a china town lol I wish I was going with them to visit you next year :( dont think mom will pay for me though :S you know what? usually during big events me and the bf end off in an argument ;( it sucks!

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