Review: Up, my first Full 3d movie experience

Now showing, UP!

Now showing, UP! *

If asked if I wanted to watch Up again I would answer “Yes!” repeatedly just like the eager beaver Russel (the chubby kid character) from the movie.

I’ve been looking forward to see the movie since the first time I had a glimpse of its trailer back in summer. I find Russel’s character super cute, the first time I saw him on screen. I wanted to pinch his chubby cheeks till he turns cherry red.

Last Sunday, me and the bf got the chance to catch the movie on the big screen, add to that in Full 3d! To be honest, I had no idea what full 3d movie means. All I had in mind is that, it would be the same as your good ol movie, except presented in better graphics! I was very excited to watch this movie since I heard a lot of good feedback about it. I was ready to laugh hard, nonstop.

As we reach the theater doors we we’re handed 3d glasses, which made me realize that this is not another normal movie experience, but something first for both of us. At that point I was all smiles, giddy, excited to get to my seat and wear those dorky glasses which somehow I relate to those black rimmed RayBans.

As I was on my way up to my seat (we we’re located to the last row up), I then noticed everyone seated were already wearing their 3d glasses even if the movie still wasn’t on. And as I reached the top most row, I hurriedly sat on my assigned chair and wore my glasses. Whoah! 3d goodness! At that point, movie trailers were only shown on the screen, but still in 3d! And the rest, were 96 minutes of nonstop 3d experience.

What I like about it:

  • Given that the movie has a good plot, it was a rollercoaster of emotions that allows the viewer to guess what will happen next. Though the ending was predictable, it still got me thinking what could possibly happen. Or maybe I’m just too imaginative that I can think of endless possibilities. lol. * the kid in me giggles*
  • Full 3d experience. This is the best part! This gave the movie a step up a notch to other animations/ special effects movie out there. Pure love.
  • Cheap! Well not really, but cheaper than IMAX. I admit, I did enjoyed this one better compared to Transformers which we watched in IMAX. All I got from IMAX were neck pain and headache. lmao. UP damaged us P250.00 ($5.00) in MOA (SM, Mall of Asia) while Transformers on IMAX was P400.00 ($8.00) which was not even in 3d. pft.

What I don’t like about it:

  • annoying seatmates who non-stop talks and pre-empts you with their predictions for the next scene.


  • If you want to avoid those talkative and annoying people around the cinemas, better watch it in Ayala malls. Trinoma and Greenbelt cinemas are also offering 3d movies but in a higher price. For Up, it damages P300.00 ($6.00) which is a dollar higher the SM malls. But if it satisfies you to watch a movie without people murmuring around, a dollar I think, won’t really hurt.

I personally think that 3d movies are the next big thing after touch screen gadgets. I recently read from Gadgenista that youtube is going 3d! It allows you to turn your normal videos into 3d movies! Isn’t it the best thing or what? I could even picture myself at home watching my favorite series with my Raybans, oh i mean my 3d glasses on! And if asked again if I would like to watch Up? “Yes , Yes and nothing but Yes” …. but “in Full 3d, please?”

* Image from google search

5 Responses to “Review: Up, my first Full 3d movie experience”

  1. I loved it! it was very touching and the 3d part was cool

  2. Tried 3D only during the trailers, I think it’s promotional back then, it was cool!!! but I felt dizzy after a while that I don’t think I can last for whole 90 minutes…maybe it’s just me =(

    • really? Too bad it didn’t worked for you. :(

      i guess the kid in me appreciates the idea of these characters coming out of the screen like its almost real!

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