Think! *light bulb*

Think less and smile like a child.

Think less and smile like a child.

I’m a deep thinker and most of the time I think of random things throughout the day. Just like what I’ve mentioned on my previous posts, bf says that I think too much and most of the time he often see me with a blank stare, thinking deeply, to the point that I don’t notice him catching my attention.

And for the sake of letting you know,  here are my current thoughts (at random):

  1. I need to Save! Last month, I spent out of my budget and now I’m suffering for being broke! (I paid my bills yesterday.) With that, I promise to save up twice than my regular monthly savings starting next month.
  2. Talking about doubling up my savings, I think I need to triple it since my laptop Blix is already giving up and I need to replace it asap. And with an MBP of course. (i hope!)
  3. And with all the expenses I’m thinking about, gives me more reason to find a new job. Though I’m happy with my current work environment, (Thanks to my lovely teammates for making it stress-free) I still think I need a new job to compensate the growing expenses that I have. I just turned two years at work last July and believe it or not, I never received an increase from my starting salary nor a promotion. *sigh*
  4. I still want to enroll on dance classes by September. Though I have to still check if I can make it to the regular classes on weekdays or if not, I’ll try the once a week weekend schedule.
  5. I’m trying to improve my creative writing skills. That is if I have some. This morning, I downloaded and printed some guides for creative writing, will read through it if I’m granted extra time.
  6. I should start printing and framing my photos. By the start of the year, I aimed to print and frame at least one photo per month but never got the chance to do it. Now, I wonder why the heck did I forgot all about that? And if I start now, then at the very least, I’ll have 5 photos up by December. Not bad eh?
  7. I have to buy an AC adapter for Blix (laptop) since I still can’t afford to replace the whole thing. His original adapter already gave up. RIP to that.
  8. I need to make a soft box asap! I’ll use this to take product shots for my beauty reviews soon! I already have the box and 1 light. Need some white and colored backgrounds and another light source. Guess my CC will suffer again. Enough!
  9. I’m so into blogs right now that I want to have my own domain and host! I want to learn php and WP installment. Any recommended tutorials? And I was wondering, in case I migrate to, can I move all my post from here to there? Is it hassle free?
  10. I can’t wait till the weekend comes and I’m off to another out of town trip! Pagsanjan! The church group I’m currently involved in is having it’s yearly team building retreat. and with all the previous retreats that I have attended, I bet this is going to be so much fun. I’m bringing Lumiere (my dlsr) with me so I’ll be able to take lots of pics! I hope to get back on track with my photography, and shoot more often after this!

xs. I know I name most of gadgets and believe it or not my tripod also has a name. But that will be for another post! See I think too much.  *Now tells herself to smile.*

4 Responses to “Think! *light bulb*”

  1. Sis, you might want to take street dancing or Jazz with me @ Slimmer’s? They have 3x a week classes, and I know the instructor. Let me know =)

    • Hi sd, one reason why I’d like to take dance classes, aside from getting fit, is because I wanted to take my dancing skills a notch higher. I’m actually planning to take a dedicated class for hiphop hopefully. But i’m still thinking since these kind of classes are usually found up north, usually ortigas or QC. :(

      But we’ll see, if my schedule won’t permit me to drag myself to QC on weekends, maybe i’ll just settle with the nearer options like Slimmer’s.

      Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Who’s the cute kid?? :D
    Re: WP, I suggest reading this muna, maybe it can help:

    • seriously, I don’t know who’s that kid. I captured that photo from my nephew’s (cousin’s daughter) bday party. Just found him looking at me and giving me a cute grin! lol!

      and thanks for the link! =)

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