Posi + tivity


Life works wonders I must say. As you may have noticed, I’ve been out of the blog circulation for quite some time. Two weeks or maybe more? Reason? You may ask.

I’ve been down for quite some time lately. I’ve been feeling incomplete and senseless. Add to that,  I feel disconnected from the people around me. Though I must admit I have good friends around, at some point I feel disconnected from them, alone, and feel neglected at times.  And to be honest, it even came to a point that I think the bf doesn’t appreciates what I’m doing.  Thus resulting from choosing not to do anything, bummed out,  not even posting in this humble web space.

But, I would like to repeat,  life really works wonders. Today I had a small talk with my cousin Sher on twitter and somehow I feel uplifted and energized by what she said. And I hope she doesn’t mind if I quote her.

I really admire you, you always have something positive to say, and its not overly positive in a fake way :)

Simple but striking. Those words just pumped me up. I feel  alive. And its so amazing how the world gets back on you. I was actually trying to make her feel better but the world gets back easily on me and for some reason without knowing, it’s the other way around. She’s making me feel better with her words! karma in a good way I must say.

With this, I am reminded, that there will always be people around us who would continue to appreciate us whatever happens.  We may wake up one morning feeling like we’re in a deep sh*t and alone in this world but there would ALWAYS be people  who would care and appreciate what we are for this world. We may feel like we’re senseless at times but those may be the times that we have forgotten our own purpose in life. But people would always remind you , your sole purpose for them. That life is better with you around.  By giving a listening ear, a warm and tightest hug you could ever give , a sweet kiss on the cheek,  sweet words like “I care for you”,  or a compliment.  Things that you may give and receive in return. Simple things that would surely melt someone’s heart.

Now, why don’t you give that person next to you a warm hug or a compliment maybe? Its  free anyway, and wouldn’t hurt right?

2 Responses to “Posi + tivity”

  1. I am sooo glad :) I mean every word! You really do make me feel better when I’m down, its just the positive things you say that seem very genuine to me! a lot of ppl tell me, yeah youll be ok. but it sounds very routine like, they have to say it. What you say to me, sounds very real, and thats what I really admire about you :) I wish I was as positive as you are with situations, I cant seem to handle it without ranting lol

    • you almost made me cry out of happiness with your words! I’m such a cry baby when I’m overwhelmed and happy! thank you!

      and don’t worry about your friends saying the same thing when you rant, the thing is if they would sincerely listen, you would feel relieved and you would feel it and that will still make a difference. right? And remember I’m here for you always!

      Also, my secret for handling situations? Thinking that things can always get better, and i’m still lucky and would think that there would always be people who will have the worse problems than me, like being homeless, sick etc. Life’s too short to frown. But I admit, I do frown sometimes! =P

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