Food Cravings (at the moment!)


I have a passion for anything food related. From cooking, food photography and of course food appreciation! I could still remember back in the day, how I watch my mom bake fresh pastries from the kitchen and replicate her recipe of danish cookies using our little oven toaster.

Every once in a while I have my random food cravings and my favorite food at the moment that I would constantly consume at the average twice or thrice a week. Today, I would like to share a list/photos of my food cravings for the month of September – October or who knows until when.

Starbucks Iced Caramel Macchiato and Breaktalks cheese floss

Starbucks' Iced Caramel Macchiato and Breaktalk's cheese floss

  1. Starbucks’ Iced Caramel Macchiato – I’m not a caffeine dependent (Yet!), but I usually need my caffeine fix every now and then.  From days when I need a booster from feeling down or when the bf needs his to get his cig fix at the mall, we then would always end up on our favorite Starbucks spot. and btw, I usually have it prepared upside down with the caramel drizzle at the bottom of the cup. I tell you, it tastes better.
  2. Bread Talk‘s Cheese Floss – Bread Talk offer 4 varieties of their floss breads from regular – spicy- very spicy  and their newest addition, the cheese floss. The first time I took a bite on their regular floss bread, i resented the taste and gave away the rest of the bread to my mom.  I wonder why people liked the taste as for me it has that funny smell that I dislike. Then I discovered the spicy floss which they named Hot chick. A colleague once noted that the hot chick (I’m referring to the spicy floss, ok?) doesn’t have a funny smell and tastes even better than the regular ones.  So I braved to take a bite, chewed and swallowed. And behold, I liked the taste and added it to the list of my favorites. Then came the cheese floss, which doesn’t have a funny smell and not spicy. Another favorite that beated my Hot chick craving! Perfect for my quick snacks and coffee breaks. Cheese floss comes with a bread topped with their special egg spread, then a slice of cheese and beef floss (?). yum.
  3. Quicklys Taro Drink

    Quickly's Taro Drink

  4. Quickly Taro Ice – I’ve discovered the unique lovely taste of Taro just lately. The idea of a root crop on a drink doesn’t appeal to me at all. But Quickly makes the best taro drink concoctions that would make you crave for more. My favorite is their Choco Loco Super which comes with taro ice + tapioca pearls + nata jelly + choco jam + pudding.  This is my quick cheap cold drink fix when I can’t afford a $3 coffee. lol.
  5. Ham and cheese Calzone from Yellow Cab Pizza

    Ham and cheese Calzone from Yellow Cab Pizza

  6. Yellow Cab‘s Calzone – If I would be asked to choose between a pizza and a calzone, I would choose the later. Why?1.  I find them easier to eat 2. I find calzone’s packed with more flavor and meat than pizza’s 3. The size is just right for the bf and I. yes. We can much a whole calzone in one seating. Oh and my favorite flavor, Chicken and Ham.
  7. Tomato Soup from Yellow Cab

    Tomato Soup from Yellow Cab

  8. Tomato soup – I would not mention any restaurant name for this food as I would appreciate any kind of tomato soup served in front of me specially on cold rainy days  like the past days or so. But I have to mention that when I would crave for this rainy day comfort food, I would usually drag the bf to Aveneto or Yellow cab. Not only these two comes in handy as they are available at the malls and yellow cab branches comes like a 7-11 available at every city or corner.

So its 12 in the morning now, ending my post with a craving and hungry stomach. How about you? What are your food cravings at the moment? Let me know, I might give it a take and include it in my growing list!

8 Responses to “Food Cravings (at the moment!)”

  1. 1 Perez Christina


  2. The food you posted looks really good! lol, I’m hungry now.

    I love Starbucks, too. I don’t go there a lot because it’s pretty expensive… but my favorite drink is the Caramel Frap. :)

  3. ohh that cheese thing looks yumm!

  4. I think we’re really best friends. I love the CHEESE FLOSS, CHOCO LOCO, TOMATO SOUP and CALZONE, too! =D

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