Work + Play = Business Portraits


To be honest, I usually drag my lazy @ss to work for I don’t find any exciting thing about my current job. I find it repetitive, dull and doesn’t allow me to use my creative ideas most of the time (which btw, is important for my every day life, seriously!)

But last Monday was different. I was asked by my boss to take business / office portraits of my colleagues for our client presentation. Being the aspiring photographer that I am, I of course said “Yes”, set-up my camera and took snaps of everyone from the team.

Business Portraits of my colleagues. They look like pro models right?

Business Portraits of my colleagues. They look like pro models right?

I couldn’t be any happier than this. For this is my dream job. Getting paid for shooting. Well at least for one day! Yes, I wasn’t paid directly for the gig but at least I was able to take a time off my usual 8-5 q.a. job, take my camera with me, direct people and shoot happy faces. (More photos here)

I remember last week that I once posted on FB this

needs an outlet for all this crazy and creative ideas. Or else, she’ll burst like a balloon and bleed rainbow instead of red.

And I’m so glad I just did. I am actually missing photography so bad these past few days to the point that I want to ditch work, grab my camera, walk around metro and shoot till my feet cant barely walk. Honestly, I think my love for photography can be comparable to the bf, that if I don’t get to see or spend time with it at least once a week, I get sad and end up day dreaming about it all day.

ps. I think I’m jumping into a new hobby, scrap booking! I’m in the process of doing my research on scrapbook album types, tools and stores where I can get my materials here in MNL. Hopefully, I’ll get to start soon. Time to get my hands dirty again. Digital art will take a break for now. or maybe once in a while.

pps. Please include me in your prayers for I am making a big life changing decision soon. and No, I am not yet getting married! But this is a very important part of my life that I’m discerning to give up. I don’t know yet if I have to, but if God tells me so then I think its time.

4 Responses to “Work + Play = Business Portraits”

  1. Good job sis! =) And whatever your big decision is, i know you’ll do the right thing. I’m just here, just holler okay? loveyah!

  2. Love the new layout :D

    Yes, I agree! Definitely like pro.

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