WIP: Pool party + photo exhibit + bazaar


Eureka! Today, I decided came up with another acronym for a new section on this blog. I’m calling it WIP which means, Weekend in Pictures. Remember my Woot (Weekend Out of Town), well its the same concept except photos are not too much of an interest, meaning random photos. Yea, i know i come up with the most unusual acronyms. but who cares? Most of the time, my weekends are jampacked and mondays/tuesdays are usually lazy days to think/write so I’m letting the photos speak for themselves (again).

So let’s start.


  • Woke up early for the BPI Big outlet sale (Details here) , end up disappointed since I was looking forward on getting a discounted FM transmitter for my ipod touch. Too bad most of the stuff their selling were old Belkin cases for Ipod nano 3g and classic and laptop bags. I end up buying 3 Coffret d’or lippies though. At P150 ($3) each. Steal right? The catch? They don’t come with their original caps on. blehh.
  • Bought a remote controlled toy car to give for the bf’s grandson Ethan Kyle. And I end up buying a foam boomerang. I know I’m still a kid at heart. Anyone knows how to use it?
  • Ethan Kyle’s 2nd bday pool party. Though I was expecting it to be a kid’s bday party (With balloons, cake blowing and games), It end up to be an adult party since most of the guest where adults. lmao. I saw about 2 guest kids at the very least. No bday cake, just booze.
The birthday boy, ethan kyle. With our gift, a remote controlled car

The birthday boy, ethan kyle. His new toy from Ninong.

Initially, I dont have plans of swimming, but this pool is just too tempting. Agree?

I went to the party with no plans of dipping in, but this pool is just too tempting. Agree?


  • Last month, I conducted a photo workshop for some college kids in my church group. I named it “Light is Life” photography workshop. The workshop includes some basic photography techniques. It was themed as Light is Life since I’ve also discussed some life lessons photography teaches us. The culminating activity was a photo exhibit which runs this week. Each participant who attended the workshop are encourage to choose a bible verse and interpret it through a photo.
ribbon cuting and unveiling

ribbon cutting and unveiling

I asked each contributor to share something about their photo

Contributors were asked to share something about their photo

Photo Exhibit Contributors

Photo Exhibit Contributors

  • After the ribbon cutting and unveiling from the Photo Exhibit, the bf and I headed to my dear friend, Dang’s bazaar. She’s like a sister to me so I have to be there to show some love! She sells organic products from soaps, lotions, mineral makeup and milk salts (which I myself bought from her) For those of you who might be interested, she also has an online store. Please do visit http://houseoforganics.multiply.com
My girls at the booth L-R: Me, Yhel, Dang (booth owner), teeyah

My girls at the booth L-R: Me, Yhel, Dang (booth owner), teeyah

  • I love attending bazaars because they have stuff that I don’t find at the malls. Most bazaars sell handcrafted products, not mass produced and of course my favorite, home made food! I must admit, I ate a lot from this bazaar. From Fried noodles – hotdogs – barbecue – butterscotch bars- ok enough. I might end up drooling again about the food.
Hotdog sandwich

Yummy "pure beef" Hotdog!

Huge Barbeque on a stick

Huge Barbecue on a stick

Fried Noodles fresh from the pan

Fried Noodles fresh from the pan

So there goes another jampacked weekend for me. Looking forward to the coming weekend as the bf and I have plans to go jogging on saturday and play with our newly bought boomerang! Will update you next week for another set of pictures =)

5 Responses to “WIP: Pool party + photo exhibit + bazaar”

  1. You had a blast SD! The pool is so nice, I’d LOVE to see bikini shots! =D

    The photo exhibit is also a great idea, kudos!

    And thanks for supporting my bazaar, Yhel looks like my endorse in the photo. LOL.

    Muah Muah*

    Cheers to more happenings!

    • Yhel can be the official face of House of Organics!

      and true, I’m loving my weekends lately. specially now that Nean’s off are on weekends! Sulitin!

  2. ANG TABA KO!!!!

    Anyhoo, looks like your weekend was FUN! :D

  3. 5 teeyah

    I think tabatchoy na talaga ako :( Walang prob si camera, haha!

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