Philippine Fashion Week S/S 2010

PFW Premier A Collection

PFW Premier A Collection

I was luckily invited again for this season’s Philippine Fashion Week for Spring – Summer 2010. A colleague handed me two tickets for the Premiere A Collection show, so I asked the bf to be my chaperon / personal assistant. Not! kidding!

For the past seasons, I’ve experience arriving late, ending up with crappy photos with silhouettes of VIP guests . So this time, I made sure to arrive 30 minutes early before the show starts.

While waiting in line before the show starts

While waiting in line before the show

Every season, based on my previous fashion week experience, the photographer’s area is a chaos, with each photographer wanting the best shot. And just to give you an example, last season, while I was happily snapping photos from my somehow almost perfect spot, another photographer came up in front of me, then blocked my sight. And this season, just before the show starts, two photographer’s were exchanging harsh comments of blocking each others way. Yes, it’s like the jungle of photography world, and everyone hunting for the best prey.

I was glad to have the bf around as he served as my human fence from other photographer that might harass me this time. And the perks of arriving early? Front row at the photographer’s area.

Host of PFW, Previous MTV Asia VJ

Sarah Meier- Alabano, Host of PFW, Former MTV Asia VJ.

Show was opened by the designs of Arnel Zulieta

Show was opened by the designs of Arnel Zulieta

Overall, this season’s experience was a blast. I am somehow fulfilled and contented with the photos I came up with despite the agonizing pain of wearing a 2 inch heels while snapping photos.

Oh and yes, before I end this post, I want to share some tips on photographing fashion shows. Note that this I am not a pro and these are all based on my experience.

  • Use your camera’s exposure compensation. I usually set my camera at -.33 since the harsh light from the run way would usually make the models’ skin look burnt or overexpose. If the photos you took look underexposed, you can adjust them using Adobe Lightroom or any other photo editing software. Remember, it is always better to have underexposed photos than overexposed because you can always tweak them.
  • Boost your ISO if needed. You don’t want blurred photos, don’t you? I usually set mine at 800, because I don’t use a fast lens and the biggest aperture I can have is F/5.6. If you have a fast lens, better, Use it.
  • make sure to take a snap shot of the designers’ name flashed on the LCD screen every time the designer changes. This way, you have a marker which designers to give credit to when posting your photos on the net.
  • As mentioned earlier, arrive early to get the front row spot at the photographer’s area. Best spot? Front row, middle.
  • Be aggressive. There are photographers that would really get in your way. Avoid raising your voice. Talk in a decent manner. Or you just might be dragged outside by the bouncers around.
  • Composing photos? Isolate the model from the audience. Crop if you need to.

There, I hope you find this post interesting. For the photographers that might drop by this site accidentally, let me know if you have questions and I’ll try to answer them. I would gladly would like to share my experience specially to those who would take run way photos for the first time. Shoot me a question at the comments area.

More fashion week photos here .

12 Responses to “Philippine Fashion Week S/S 2010”

  1. 1 teeyah

    Sayang my ticket. Was not able to come because of a stupid meeting. Oh well. Next time! :)

  2. ate karen, pwede bang bigla nalang pumunta sa photographer’s area? gusto ko din kasi sa harap para nakaharap yung models saken kaso.. hindi ko alam kung pwedeng bigla nalang pumunta dun. ahehe..

    anyway.. ppunta ako sa red dress collection sa tues :)

    • yes its ok. just be sure to arrive early cause the photog area gets crowded easily. Goodluck and have fun!

      Ps. mejo mainit nga lang din sa photog area. :P

  3. Looks cool, where could i see complete collection of all fashion designers who did participate in this fashion event.

    • Hi Fashion Weeks,

      If you are referring to all the shows from this season’s fashion week, I’m not quite sure where to get that since I was able to watch only one show which is the Premier A collection. You could visit my Premier A collection for S/S 2010 on flickr since I plan to update it with more photos from show.

      Though as of this writing, I only have 2 designers up, 3 more to go.

      Here’s the link:

      Do visit it from time to time and thanks for dropping by!

  4. wow, if you have spare tix ladies, I’ll be your PA hehe.

  5. 9 arnel zulieta

    hey guys!!!! will send you invites for my next fashion show… thanks for watching our show!!!

    • hi arnel,

      That would be great! I’ll be looking forward to your next show.

      and btw, your S/S 2010 collection was amazing!

      Thank you for visiting.


  6. how much is that icket? and where to buy?

    • Sorry but tickets are not sold cause the event is invitational You can get tickets from designers or event promoters.

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