DIY: A Halloween (office) idea – Psycho Mc Donald’s


Christmas is my most favorite season, but I think next to it for me comes Halloween. I love Halloween, for I can think of the craziest decors and costumes, though I cannot dare myself to wear. But nevertheless, I still love it, because it challenges my creativity to the fullest.

Every year, our company organizes Halloween trick or treat for kids a.k.a. Scarefest. Teams/ Project members were asked to decorate their areas with the spookiest themes and come up with creative costumes. Last year, we chose Hellboy as our theme and won best male costume. So this year, the pressure was on us, and yes, we tried not to fail them!

Though I hate to sound like bragging, but I was one of the creative heads behind the theme for this year: The psychopath killer Mc Donalds + Joker. Now, let me show you how to turn your lovely office into a messy- bloody Mc Donald’s store.

Of course, you have to start off by decorating your areas with M’s. And I mean, a lot of M’s. At the very least, a thousand. You can start of by placing small M’s above your cubicle dividers.

Count them Ms, will you?

Of course, you must have that big mock-up umbrella, with a sign ” Open 24 hrs” . Create big M’s attached to red cartolinas and place theme to your office’s aisle.

Create a mock up counter, where kids can have their orders and get their goodies from the friendliest- scarriest crew. Pick up the goriest food pictures you can have and stick them up to a long board which can serve as a menu.

Kids can order their "goodies" here

Replicate the facade of a mc donald’s branch. Of course, it has to have the biggest M up front. Replicate the glass windows by using plastic covers hung from the ceiling with big Ms attached to it. Make it scary looking by creating handprints with red acrylic paint. Create red drippings for bloody effect.  And for added effect, hung fake centipedes , spiders, rats and cockroaches using nylon string from the ceiling

Facade, notice the Farking Lot, and Unwelcome sign?

Facade, Notice the Farking Lot and the Unwelcome Sign?

For the goodies, create a stencil made of a plastic folder cover and stamp those logos to brown paper bags. Just like below.

DIY Goodie Bag

Fill the goodie bag with candies, and miniature food ,  like erasers shaped like sandwiches and fries! So cute! Don’t forget to remind the kids that erasers are not edible, we have reports that some kids have accidentally chewed on the erasers. I’m not kidding!


Miniature Food

And for the costumes, Create small patches made of red and yellow felt papers. Put a pin at the back and have the crew placed them on their shirts.

Costume Ideas

Costume Ideas

Of course, the presentation won’t be complete if you have to have the most prominent character, the gory Mc Donald’s and his side kick, Hamburglar!

I think the main key to pull this off, is to be keen with details. Small details like a patch on the crews outfit still makes a difference. Don’t you think?

For my next post, I will try to make a step by step tutorial on how to create the gory/crazy Mc Donald’s look! Hope you liked my Halloween idea! Happy Halloween!

3 Responses to “DIY: A Halloween (office) idea – Psycho Mc Donald’s”

  1. Ay this is sooo cute! too bad my office doesn’t celeb halloween. Boo! =P

    • thank you sis! crazy idea no? :)) sayang, maybe we can have our own Halloween party perhaps? or attend those costume parties next year? =)

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