DIY: Joker + Mc Donald’s make-up tutorial


Joker meets Ronald Mc Donald

As promised from my previous post, here’s my DIY tutorial on how to create the scary looking Mc Donald’s look for Halloween that I did for a colleague. I promise, this is easy. I think any one can pull this off. And what’s great about this look? It doesn’t have to be perfect, the messier, the better.


  1. White and red  acrylic paint. Take note that this has to be non toxic and water based. Some of you might think, acrylic may not be safe for the face specially those who has sensitive skin. But yes, based on my research, it is safe. For those who have sensitive skin, better to use face paint instead. We used acrylic paint for two reasons 1) cheaper and 2.) I think it’s easier to build, blend and apply.
  2. Black matte eyeshadow. Avoid using shimmery black as we don’t want Mc Donald’s face to be all sparkly!
  3. Face sponge and cotton tips for make-up application.
  4. Gum. Unused. New. This will serve as the fake flesh to be attached to our model’s face.
  5. Spirit Gum or Eyelash glue.  This will serve as the adhesive for our fake flesh. For those who don’t know, Spirit Gum is used for prosthetic. For those who live in the Philippines, you can get the spirit gum at Cinema Secrets Counter located at Watson’s/ SM department stores. Price , around Php100+  ($2).
  6. Corn syrup and red food coloring for the fake blood.
  7. Chopstick or coffee stirrer.
  8. A plastic cockroach/ spider/ or any kind of creepy crawler.

How to do it?

  1. Grab a piece of gum, Mold it into your model’s face. Replicate the scars similar to Joker’s face from the movie Batman.
Steps 1-3

Steps 1 to 4

  1. Glue it to your model’s face using a spirit gum or an eyelash glue. Make sure to put enough glue to secure it on the model’s face and avoid slippage.
  2. Cover your model’s face with white acrylic paint. You can dip your sponge into water before dipping it to the acrylic paint for easier application. You can skip covering the gum with white paint since
  3. Using a sponge, cover your model’s eye lids and under eyes with black eyeshadow. make sure to fill every part of the eyelid including corners. No need to create a perfect circle around the eyes. Like what I’ve said earlier, the messier the better. You can even extend the black eyeshadow just above the eyebrows.
  4. Cover the fake flesh we placed earlier on our model’s face with red paint. Also place red paint over the lips, creating an effect of a smudge lipstick.

Step 5

  1. Create a fake wound just above the right/left eyebrow. Using a sponge, pat red acrylic paint above the eyebrows. Stick a plastic cockroach or any creepy crawler using a spirit gum or eyelash glue above the red paint you patted on.

Step 6

  1. Time to add the fake blood. Mix corn syrup and red food coloring. Using a chopstick / coffee stirrer, dip it to the fake blood mixture, then apply the liquid just above the cockroach we glued earlier. Create an effect that the blood is caused by the creepy crawler eating the model’s flesh. Allow the blood to drip.

Steps 7 to 8

  1. Using the same fake blood mixture, apply the liquid into the fake flesh near the model’s lips. Avoid to place the mixture to sink in inside the gum. This will make the adhesive lose its stickiness, and will allow the gum to slip. Again, allow the liquid to drip, for a natural effect.
  2. Let the model wear a red, curly or wavy wig! Wear a  Mc Donald’s costume!

Step 9

And there you have it. A creepy Mc Donald look! If you have any questions, shoot me a question! and of course, let me know if this tutorial helped you in any way. Or if you have re-created this look, I would love to see your own version! Shoot me a comment!

Happy Halloween! Enjoy your costume parties!

5 Responses to “DIY: Joker + Mc Donald’s make-up tutorial”

  1. Cool tut! And your model is so cooperative haha =P

    • True! He love dressing up! last year, his costume was hellboy, last christmas party he also won best costume for glamrock, and believe it or not he even wore a wii controller costume that we made for wii olympics! Thats what you call a professional cos player!HAHAHA!

  2. 3 Jennifer

    Love this!!! Want to do this at our office this year! Do you have any other pics that you can share? Would love tips from you!

  3. 4 ryuu

    halo! where do you but spirit gum?? and how do you remove it?

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