On taking Self Portraits


I hate it when people take a picture of me cause I don’t find myself photogenic in any way nor in any angle! Also, that’s one reason why I took photography, cause photographers rarely have their picture taken! right? well most of the time.

But here’s a self portrait I took just before going to work. You may notice that I rarely post a picture of myself here, just because I don’t want to. But this one I think is a keeper.

I think taking self portraits once in a while makes a good practice for photographers for the following reasons:

  • It enhances your lighting skills. For this take, I realized that one never fails to take a good photo or two when using a natural window lighting.
  • Allows you to practice poses. And you realize how hard it is to be a model at the same time. Moving your face on different angles and smiling with teeth out and without.
  • Enhances/Practices your post processing skills for portraits. Softening the skin, Cleaning the face against blemishes, whitening of the teeth and eyes, etc.

A portrait of a photographer

And  for the makeup geeks out there, here’s what I’ve used to achieve the clean- fresh look:

  • Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream
  • Maybelline Clear Smooth Mineral in P01 Light Pink Ochre
  • Maybelline Full and Soft WP Mascara
  • Elianto Gel Eye Liner
  • Random blush
  • Coffret D’or Full memory Rouge inRS-247

There, Why don’t you try to strike a pose today? I think every person has a beauty in them. Specially, if you know how to take them in the right angles. *snap!

6 Responses to “On taking Self Portraits”

  1. Pretty Pretty sis! =)

  2. Nice self-portrait. Can’t say I know much about photography, but I’d agree, looks like a keeper.

    I like the 3 points you’ve listed for why self-portraits are good practice, and I agree with each of them. Though I can never manage to keep any sort of specific facial expression when I’m drawing, other than one of concentration.

    And we are always so much more critical of ourselves – self-portraits push us to really give our best, because if we don’t it is glaringly obvious. I’d say you are giving it your best effort, good work!


    • 6 K

      hi brady,

      I appreciate you dropping by . Couldn’t agree more with every thing you pointed out most esp. us being critical of ourselves. I really do think we are our best critics. don’t we?

      You yourself did a great job too with your self portrait. Looking forward to more of your drawings!


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