WOOT: Prenup Shoot at “The Greenery”


Here’s another what-happened-to-my-weekend post. And yes, its another quick out of town trip with the my photography friends (a.k.a. The Renegades).

The Renegades was formed when a group of newbie/active/ shutter-hungry photographers met at an online photography forum and decided to meet up for occasional city and out of town  shoots. During that time, good friendships were born, and believe it or not, even Love had made its place.

One early Saturday, the pack went for another out of town shoot using  a rented bus going to Laguna. And on that trip, Greg met Sharon. From there on, their interest for each other flowered into something beautiful and unexpected,  and  yes it is Love.

Days, months and more than a year has passed. Greg and Sharon are now approaching the biggest day of their lives. Marriage. But yet before their big day, here are the Renegades again, re-united for an out of town shoot. No, this is not another one-of -those out of town trip, but a pre-nuptial shoot for their beloved friends Greg and Sharon. *sniff.  Ok, Enough about the cheesyness.

So what are the perks on having a lot of photographer friends willing to shoot your pre-nup? Chaos but Fun! Together with 9 photographers, 1 volunteer assistant (the bf), 1 Make up artist and 1 Hair stylist, the group drove their way to The Greenery, Bulacan for a day of  laughter, shooting and catching up.

So enough talk, here are the pictures

While waiting for the bride to get her hair and make-up done. The bf and I decided to fool around and take crazy pictures. Here’s one …

This is my boyfriend and he likes playing what he calls "Ghetto" golf

I love the place because it’s one of those places you may want to consider for a garden wedding in Bulacan. They have huge tamed grassland like the photo above which also serves as a mini golf place for some, like the bf.

Moving on, they also have a mini train (Note: it’s actually working) This train transports people from the parking area to the lighthouse area which also serves as a reception venue for other events.

A planned accident. LOL!

And here are some out takes of the gang getting busy…

Work it, Renegades!

And more photos of the couple…

A Christmas Wedding

I love this shot because it captures how happy in love they are. Their smiles look so natural don’t you think?

And here’s the lighthouse area, together with a shot of the lovely couple in red.

Blushing in Red

And my favorite place at the Greenery, the viewing dock overlooking the river. The coolest place in the area where one can just chill and enjoy the breeze.

Viewing Dock

This is one of them days that I wish I could do again.  Having everything you love at one place?  Photography, friends, the bf and a great place? Who could ask for more, right? I’m actually looking forward for the couple’s marriage this December as I get to see the gang again!

7 Responses to “WOOT: Prenup Shoot at “The Greenery””

  1. You make really good friends no? =) The couple’s story is lovely, I can’t wait to see their wedding photos too! They are friends with photographers, so as expected, they’ll have wedding pics to die for! =P

    • I’m a lucky internet junkie who came across good things/people on the web. that includes friends and love. lol!

      Looking forward to their wedding too. but I won’t bring my whole gear list, that would ruin my girl-ly outfit! ahaha.

  2. wow. ang galeng! amazing pictures.. :D

  3. The shots are lovely :) The one with the planned accident in front of the train’s hilarious hahaha! My boyfriend’s a photographer, too! Cool :)

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