Vintage Pop – a take on Polyvore

For those of you who don’t know, my style sense varies from time to time. Depends on my mood, occasion, weather or whatever. One day  I’m street, the next, I’m preppy or next classy. I don’t know  why. But maybe, I do believe that it is because of my erratic attitude and being pickle-minded.
In 3 weeks time, my friend’s G&S are having their  summer themed wedding in Tagaytay. And a themed wedding means one thing: you have to follow the dress code! I love dressing up for occasions because it gives me a chance to flaunt a “not your everyday” style. And in addition, It gives me reason to shop for new clothes (who doesn’t like that?). I mean really, I have this thing, that for every special occasion (ie. christmas, birthday) I must have a new outfit, meaning from head – toe (If I have the moolah to spend). And I know, its bad. bad. bad.
Last week, I was surfing the net for style inspirations.  Came across different flower-patterned dresses and uhmm.. Katy Perry photos. and Eureka! I thought of pulling something similar to her look.Vintage pop. I’m not really a Katy Perry fan, but I think her style sense is something I can pull off, something that suits the theme, and something classy – fab!
Last Sunday, I attended the Global Pinoy bazaar at Rockwell to give support to my best friend Dang, who participated by selling her organic products (PLUG: Online shop here). I was lucky enough to spot a pin-up retro dress with flower pattern all over at the Glitterati stall. The first time I saw the dress, I knew it was the one.
I was so happy till I get home and even tried it on again just before I went to sleep. After the fitting, I knew I have to get the accessories next. So the next day I tried surfing the net again and remembered Polyvore.
I signed up for Polyvore months ago but never got the time to create set.  I revisited my polyvore yesterday to give me style inspirations for my summer themed outfit.  I initially wanted to surf for accessories only but heck, why not try creating a set. And after 2 hrs, came up with this.
Pop Art Vintage
The dress was not really similar to the dress i bought but the pattern is somehow the same. I really love this dress,  and if I can find something similar, I would probably buy it!
The accessories, I’m pretty sure, would fit my outfit!  Pale pink pumps, a clutch bag, a flower headpiece and a vintage ring for my weekend shopping next. And the makeup? My cousin Sher (she’s really good with make up), suggested a light pink on the lids and brown/bronze on the crease, matching it with pale pink/peach lippies! I really hope I can pull something similar. Will update you if I’ll find those perfect shoes and accessories to match. Till next.

4 Responses to “Vintage Pop – a take on Polyvore”

  1. Would love to see your complete outfit! =)

  2. 3 teeyah

    Oohh, I love it! :)

    • I knew you’d like it sis. remember those hand painted vintage lockets that we love? =) see you this weekend sis. belated happy bday!

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