Surprising Weekend


Most of the time, my weekends are jampacked. Of course, the past weekend was no exception. Though it was a bit stressful with all the tasks that I had to do for the Christ the King celebration (was tasked to lead all the Youth Ministry celebrations btw), there were those worth-to-mention moments that really made my weekend extra special.

My lovely weekend started with a team lunch since we won the Halloween Decoration contest. And since we got a cash prize, we decided to indulge on a “Seafood Feast” which made our tummies really happy.

On our way to the seafood restau, we spotted Manny Pacquiao's motorcade

And some food photos…

Garlic Shrimp

Huge Crabs

Huge Crabs

Fresh Shrimp Tempura

Saturday made my day extra special cause aside from its my momma’s bday, I won a P1500 worth VIP ticket for the world Pyro Olympics courtesy of AOP. But sad to say, I wasn’t able to claim it cause, aside from the fact that it was mom’s bday, I was able to check my twitter at around past 7 that day and the show starts at 730. and the worst part, I just got home. If only I had known it earlier, I could have gone straight to the show then go home right away for my mom’s celebration. But it’s all good, just knowing that I won a contest, made me feel giddy and happy.

Sunday  was the most hectic day of the weekend. I spent almost the day at church, running errands, coordinating activities and snapping photos in between. But the best part? I received 3 unexpected gifts from random people. I know, how rare could that get? and I love receiving gifts just because. Not that I don’t appreciate gifts given during occasions but I just find those random gifts more thoughtful and meaningful.

Chocolate, my favorite planner (I have the same planner for 2 consecutive , and a VS lotion. I was actually thinking not to buy the BDJ planner for this year since the 2009 planner is pretty heavy and its giving me shoulder aches every time I carry it for work or at the mall. But I’m glad someone gave me a copy and found out that this year’s BDJ feels lighter since the paper they used is thinner. Will try to give further thoughts on the BDJ planner soon!

Unexpected Gifts

And for my upcoming posts:

  • Thoughts on the Maybelline eyestudio gel liner
  • Battle of the eye-candy headphones
  • BDJ 2010 thoughts and inner page photos

2 Responses to “Surprising Weekend”

  1. Wow, where can I get a friend who will buy me the BDJ planner? hehe! =P Nice to know you had a blast this weekend =)

    • You know what’s more surprising sis? It was a guy friend who gave me that BDJ! he really knows my style.

      Hows your weekend sis? hope you had a blast too! see you this coming weekend!

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